Walmart customer says shopper went out of his way to get her her favorite sausage. Now she can’t contact him

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‘My Walmart app has cut me off’: Walmart customer says shopper went out of his way to get her her favorite sausage. Now she can’t contact him

'I need a Graham. My Instacart shopper replaced my vegan sausage with pork sausage.'


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Posted on Jan 13, 2024   Updated on Jan 13, 2024, 2:13 pm CST

Criticizing delivery drivers for not doing their jobs properly has become a common occurrence on social media. Whether folks are slamming male Instacart delivery drivers for taking it upon themselves to enact bizarre substitutions for certain items, or outright stealing customers’ items, there’s no shortage of folks who are quick to castigate and condemn the people that they contract to bring them their goods.

However, a TikToker who goes by The Countoured Librarian (@thecontouredlibrarian) has a different kind of post she wanted to upload about a delivery experience she had with a Walmart personal shopper. The glowing review she gave of an unsung hero named Graham reverberated throughout TikTok.

It appears that her video was not just to share the positive experience she had with Graham as her shopper, but in the hopes that Graham would see it to let him know that she’s grateful he went above and beyond to get her the specific type of breakfast sausage she loves.

She records her video in what appears to be the kitchen of her home.

“I placed a Walmart delivery order because I’m lazy and I’m not gonna go to the store on Sunday morning,” she says. “I only had four or five things on my list but one of those things was Banquet breakfast sausage because for some reason we’re obsessed with them.”

The TikToker says her household is a big fan of the sausages, but the issue is that it looks like lots of other shoppers enjoy them too as they’ve been sold out for quite some time.

“We really like them, they’re already fully cooked you just have to throw them in the microwave and they’re done, right?” she says. “Except here’s this one little problem—for the last two weeks in a row, Walmart has been out of these sausages”

She says that the personal shopper told her they were out of stock, but suggested a different brand. The TikToker says she politely declined as she was loyal to the Banquet brand.

As it turns out, her personal shopper, Graham, was making an extra effort to try and see if he could locate the sausages for her and her family.

“My little shopper named Graham, messaged me again, 15 minutes later, and I didn’t see it, and in his message, he was like, ‘Well, I found another option I found a smaller pack of the Banquet sausages do you want them and bring them to you?'”

She says that even though she didn’t see Graham’s message about possibly getting the smaller size box, he decided to make an executive decision and put it in her order anyway.

“And I didn’t see Graham’s message my order got delivered before I saw Graham’s message but Graham brought me a box of sausage,” she recounts. “And now my Walmart app has cut me off I can’t even get back in to message that man and tell him thank you. All it would let me do is update his tip and I did update his tip but I don’t feel like it updated enough to cover the fact that he went out of his way to go and find me extra breakfast sausage so you know, Graham if you’re out there and you see this thank you you’re a true hero this morning.”

@thecontouredlibrarian Shoutout to Graham for being an extremely competent shopper who goes the extra mile. 😭♥️ #grocerydelivery ♬ original sound – The Contoured Librarian

One viewer commented that she made a great case for customers to request certain workers, writing, “I wish there was a way to request specific shoppers.”

Another person said they ended up having a great experience with a Postmates delivery person that was akin to the TikToker’s situation with Graham.

“This happened to me with postmates,” they said. “The restaurant forgot my drink and my delivery person went to the store and bought me one.”

One TikToker also seemed to have a great experience with a Walmart personal shopper as well, sharing, “Legit this happened to me today, but with asparagus and a guy named Byron. I also updated that tip.”

Although TikToker said in her video that she was hoping to get in touch with Graham to thank him for a job well done, someone responded to her video and suggested she give the store a ring.

“Call that store and give him a compliment. that’s the only thing the bosses care about. it’ll do him good,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart and The Contoured Librarian via email for further comment.

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*First Published: Jan 13, 2024, 6:00 pm CST