Cranberry juice challenge asks you to swish it—and then see all the bugs that are in your mouth


‘This is what’s in your mouth people’: Cranberry juice challenge asks you to swish it—and then see all the bugs that are in your mouth

‘u sure it isn’t in the cranberry juice…’


Jack Alban


TikTok is the birthplace of too many challenges to name. But every so often, a challenge emerges that leaves viewers both intrigued and skeptical, like the “Cranberry Juice Challenge” video by TikTok user Lenny (@lennymontalbano95), who refers to himself as “surveillance Pro.”

In the video, which has already racked up a whopping 4.2 million views, Lenny and his son embark on a journey to test a viral TikTok claim. The premise? Swish cranberry juice in your mouth, spit it out, and observe the aftermath. Lenny’s results were both shocking and, to some, questionable. After spitting out the juice, Lenny adds alcohol to the residue, causing it to react wildly. He suggests that these are organisms or “bugs” from one’s mouth.

@lennymontalbano95 cranberry juice challenge.. #mouthwash #bugs #germs #cranb #cranb#itsreal #fyp #oceanspray ♬ original sound – surveillance Pro

The TikTok community of commenters had a lot to say about this. While some users were horrified, many questioned the validity of Lenny’s claims. One user commented, “That’s probably yeast in the cranberry juice,” suggesting that the reaction might be due to fermentation. Another user pointed out the presence of natural bacteria in our mouths, stating, “It’s bacteria, some good, some bad but it’s all part of our microbiome.” And, of course, there were those who took a humorous approach, with one user jokingly suggesting, “idk but what I’m getting out of this is drink alcohol more often. Understood.”

Lenny, however, stood his ground amidst the skepticism, defending his experiment and its results. One user humorously pointed out the divide in the comments, noting that Lenny seemed to be the sole believer in his own video, “I like all the comments is a ton of people not believing it, and the only one that believes it is the guy making the video.” 

TikTok has seen its fair share of challenges, from the harmless “Renegade” dance to the potentially dangerous “Tide Pod Challenge.” While some challenges are backed by science or logic, others are purely for shock value—and can sometimes result in personal injury.

In the case of the cranberry juice challenge, it’s essential to approach with caution and skepticism. Before jumping on the bandwagon of any internet trend, especially those related to health or science, it’s always a good idea to consult with professionals. In this instance, the claim appears to be a health conspiracy theory. Anyone still skeptical could have a quick chat with a dentist or doctor who might provide clarity on whether this challenge holds any water—or cranberry juice, in this case. See what we did there?   

The Daily Dot has reached out to Lenny via TikTok comment for further information.

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