Cole's worker calls out company for earning billion dollars in profit. They've been using a broken broom for 1 year

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‘My back aches after every time I use it’: Coles worker calls out company for earning billion dollars in profit. They’ve been using a broken broom for 1 year

'Just ask them to order a new one.'


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Posted on Oct 6, 2023   Updated on Oct 7, 2023, 2:03 pm CDT

An employee of Coles, an Australian grocery chain, claims to have been using a broken broom for the past year while the company is making a billion dollars in profit.

The video depicting the injustice comes from creator Madeline (@_madel3ine._), getting more than 73,200 views in five days on TikTok after going up on Sunday.

In the video, Madeline sweeps with the broken broom while an on-screen caption tells the story. It reads, “Coles recording billion dollar profits whilst I’m still waiting for this snapped broom to be replaced after 12+ months.”

@_madel3ine._ I just realised the other day that they still haven’t replaced it #coles #corporatehumor ♬ original sound – parky

​​The on-screen caption also adds as a parenthetical, “My back aches after every time I use it.”

Madeline isn’t being hyperbolic when she says billion-dollar profit. According to an August 2023 article in the Australian edition of the Guardian, “Supermarket operator Coles has recorded a surge in revenue from its groceries business, even as steep living costs prompt households to alter shopping habits and store theft escalates. Australia’s second biggest supermarket chain posted a 4.8% rise in full-year annual profit to $1.1bn, supported by its strong food business which more than offset subdued liquor sales.”

Commenters had suggestions, including one who thought there might be an answer right inside the store.

That person suggested, “Just go grab a new one from the shelf??”

Someone else opined, “Not allowed to,” while another thought, perhaps, “discreetly get rid of the old one.”

“Just ask them to order a new one,” another suggested. “Store management is different from store to store but the one I work in would be ordered and delivered the same week.”

Someone else shared a similar work nightmare, saying, “Flashback to spending 5 minutes every day washing the bottom of a gross sink without tools. A brush and squeegee would have been $5?”

That comment led Madeline to respond, “It’s crazy hey.”

And someone else didn’t think a broken broom was so bad, considering. “People complaining about brooms when I once dug a hole for 3 days only to have the foreman get a digger to fill it in,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Oct 6, 2023, 4:56 pm CDT