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Perfectly brewed coffee memes

Would life even be the same without coffee?


Kahron Spearman


Posted on Dec 15, 2023   Updated on Feb 22, 2024, 9:33 pm CST

Coffee, often hailed as the magic elixir that promotes productivity and comfort, has made its way into internet culture with an array of hilarious memes. From the iconic Lisa Simpson’s coffee meme to the annual jibes directed towards Pumpkin Spice Latte enthusiasts, coffee memes resonate with java enthusiasts everywhere. So let’s pour over some of the most memorable examples that have become a staple of the digital world.

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Lisa Simpson’s coffee

A still image of coffee being poured for a bleary-eyed Lisa Simpson stirred up the internet after it gained traction as a meme in April 2017. The image originates from a 1991 episode of The Simpsons, and the meme’s object-labeling format, which played off Lisa’s expression, allowed it to be applied to various contexts. This meme template quickly became the perfect vessel for jokes about life’s little ironies and indulgences.

Hipster barista: The face of coffee snobbery

The hipster barista meme features a tattooed, scarf-clad barista with a judgmental glare, and perfectly encapsulates the stereotypical snobbery associated with artisanal subcultures.

This image, first uploaded in 2011, sparked a widespread meme trend that humorously critiqued the often-pretentious vibe of modern java connoisseurs and other absurdities within the industry.

The pumpkin spice latte phenomenon

Nothing screams fall like the Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, a seasonal favorite that became synonymous with a particular brand of “basic” white women in around 2008. The spiced sensation brewed a cultural phenomenon that has since become an annual subject of lighthearted ridicule with the beverage’s immense popularity inspiring a host of memes and jokes that playfully mock the drink’s ardent fanbase.

An assortment of coffee memes

The internet continues to churn out coffee memes that resonate with caffeine lovers. These range from relatable quips about the necessity of a morning cup of Joe to humorous observations about its omnipresence in our daily lives. 

These memes serve as a testament to the drink’s integral role in our routines and highlight how the beloved beverage fuels not just our bodies but our sense of humor as well.

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Coffee’s role as a vital morning ritual can be celebrated through a variety of funny coffee memes that humorously depict our dependence on the magical bean juice. From the desperate need for that first sip in the morning to the unspoken bond shared by coffee lovers worldwide, coffee memes echo a collective sentiment: would life even be the same without coffee?

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Just like the beverage is an indispensable part of our mornings, coffee memes hold a special place in the realm of internet humor. They capture the love-hate relationship we have with this beverage. From poking fun at coffee snobs to empathizing with our dependency on caffeine, these memes offer a universal language for coffee drinkers around the globe. 

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The world of coffee memes shows that our favorite brew is not just a drink, but a source of shared laughter and joy. 

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So, the next time you sip your morning brew, remember there’s a whole world of coffee memes out there, celebrating each sip along with you.

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*First Published: Dec 15, 2023, 9:00 am CST