Church’s Chicken hands out free prepackaged ‘drumsticks’ to customers. What are they?

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‘I thought it was a sample’: Church’s Chicken hands out free prepackaged ‘drumsticks’ to customers. What are they?

'Popeyes would never.'


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Posted on Dec 7, 2023   Updated on Dec 7, 2023, 10:37 am CST

A Church’s Chicken customer was able to clear up the mystery surrounding the franchise’s new holiday giveaway that has left many customers scratching their heads.  

TikTok user Tina (SlimTina1) revealed the strange pre-packaged ‘drumsticks’ that her husband received while picking up some food from Church’s in a video with over 460,000 views as of Thursday morning.

Her video sheds light on the hotly debated seasonal giveaway by the popular fast food chain, stirring an enthusiastic response from users who also found themselves perplexed at the latest offering.

“Drumstick ornaments for your Christmas tree!” she exclaims in the clip.

“I thought that was the drumstick ice cream,” one commenter wrote.

Another expressed similar confusion by stating, “I thought this was individually wrapped real chicken.”

A third humorously noted her intention for the perceived crispy treat: “I’m so greedy. I thought it was chicken to throw in your purse for the day!”

Some users even found a novel use for the ornamental chicken. “I put mine on my keys. It’s crazy how many people need to touch it….” one viewer claimed.

Tina caps her video by calling out rival chicken chain Popeyes. “I guess Popeyes would never…” she says, leaving some users divided on the shots fired at the competing fried chicken franchise.

One user pithily remarked, “Popeyes would put that sh*t in yo 3 piece just to keep from frying up more.”

Several other users, seemingly Popeye’s fans, came to their defense, “Why you gotta come for Popeyes that,” while another echoed this sentiment, “Lol why are you calling out Popeyes?” To get answers on the Popeyes v. Church’s feud, curious minds can find an entire Reddit thread about this debate: Is Church’s just the poor man’s Popeyes?

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Church’s Chicken’s holiday giveaway follows in a long tradition of novel giveaways from fast-food chains, and highlights a more recent trend in promotions targeting adults, looking to include them in the holiday fun. And it seems to be working, with one viewer ready to drop everything and head to the nearest drive-thru. “OK now I gotta drive 40 mins to get them,” they wrote.

Despite the confusion, the free prepackaged “drumsticks” appear to be well received and are drawing attention to the chicken chain, providing a much-needed edge in the competitive holiday fast-food market.

“Guess I’m going to Church’s!!!” one commenter excitedly shared.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Church’s Chicken via email and Tina via TikTok comment.  

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*First Published: Dec 7, 2023, 2:00 pm CST