hand pouring soda from one container into another with caption 'your mom wants to prove that the small and large queso at chipotle is a scam' (l&r) Chipotle logo with queso bowl (c)

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‘Just embarrassed herself’: Chipotle customer tries to prove customers who order queso are getting ripped off. It backfires

‘But for $8 is crazy.’


Beau Paul


Shrinkfaltion hasn’t hit Chipotle’s queso quite yet. And the Mexican grill chain has the math to prove it. A mom tried to teach her kid an object lesson in deceptive containers, but she ended up proving that Chipotle is keeping it square with its customers (at least when it comes to the queso).

To be fair, Chipotle has been accused of its fair share of shady policies, from leftovers being served in the morning to tiny menu prices and bait-and-switch burrito bowls. As a viral video by (@1watermelonsourpatchkids) proves, at least it isn’t trying to cheat its customers with deceptive containers.

The video was posted four days ago and went on to receive over 430,000 views. In it, a woman pours cola from a small Chipotle queso container into a large one.

“Your mom wants to prove that the small and large queso at Chipotle is a scam,” the on-screen text reads.

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But there’s a problem with “mom’s” demonstration. After pouring the small container into the large one, there’s still plenty of volume left over for cheesy goodness. The large is actually ounces larger than the small.

Viewers quickly called out the face-palm moment in the video’s comments.

AALIYAHHHH (@liyahhhhh429) wrote, “just embarrassed herself.”

A few commenters pointed out the standard sizes of queso at the chain writing, “large is 6oz and the regular is 4,” and the “small is a 4oz big is 6oz.”

According to the Chipotle website, a small white queso and chips is $4.55 and 780 calories. A large is $8.10 and 1,290 calories. The website does not list serving sizes. The Daily Dot has reached out to Chipotle via email for a statement.

Chipotle worker Emily (@emeimly) commented, “For the small one, we only put one scoop of queso, and for the big one we put 2-2.5 scoops of queso.”

1watermelonsourpatchkids responded, “but for $8 is crazy.”

When reached for comment, @1watermelonsourpatchkids said she also wants people to know the queso—at least to her—”tastes like potato soup.”

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