Chipotle worker scooping rice to put into customer's bowl (l) Chipotle sign on side of building with large window (c) Chipotle worker adding cheese to piled high bowl of food (r)

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‘Bro. Just try to make it fit’: Chipotle customer orders 6 scoops of rice, insists worker fits it in 1 bowl

‘I don’t even work there but all that rice just stressed me out.’


Rachel Kiley


The ability to build your own burrito or burrito bowl at Chipotle has been put to the test by many a strategic customer in the past, but one TikToker’s determination to strain the confines of that burrito bowl container recently left viewers floored.

User Mir (@lullmir28) decided to hop on the trend of people showing how they order Chipotle, noting that he had to get over the awkwardness of recording the employee filling up his bowl at first.

“But when I order Chipotle, I do not be getting those little ass bowls,” he says in a voiceover on the clip. “I don’t be getting two scoops of rice. I told her give me six scoops of rice. Do not be stingy. She was like, ‘I’mma charge you extra,’ I said, ‘Oh, I got pape. I do not care about the extra charge, it’s my cheat day.’”

Sure enough, his video shows that the rice alone takes up as much space in a burrito bowl as the finished product generally does—and they were just getting started.

“‘I don’t think it’s going to fit,’” he recalls the clearly amused employee saying after he asked for double steak next. “I was like, ‘Bro. Just try to make it fit.’” And sure enough, she piles on not two, but three scoops of steak, much to his delight.

By the time the cheese and sour cream get added, it’s hard to believe the top of the container is even going to fit over the mountain of Chipotle the TikToker has ordered. Still, he insists it can all go in the same bowl, rather than accepting the worker’s offer to put the other ingredients on the side. And to be fair, we don’t see how the order wraps up, but he does show us the end result at home.

“I’m able to make two fat ass burritos and then I have a few lil shells on the side,” he says, showing off the two large burritos. “That shit is good as hell.”

@lullmir28 Dont mind how i was sounding at the end i was reminiscing the cheat day is over🥲 #chipotle #chipotlebowl #chipotlehacks #fypシ #fyp #weightloss #fitness #transformation #capcutvelocity #zyxcba #cheatday #trending #viral ♬ Chopin Nocturne No. 2 Piano Mono – moshimo sound design

The towering burrito bowl ultimately left viewers equal parts shocked and impressed, though many didn’t know what they would do with six whole scoops of rice taking up that much real estate.

“I don’t even work there but all that rice just stressed me out,” one commenter wrote.

Another joked, “RICEEE with a side of steak cheese and sour cream.”

“That look so good & I get mine the same way,” a third claimed. “EXTRA RICE BOO.”

Viewers were curious to know how much the final product actually cost, though Mir has yet to respond to any comments asking as much. The Daily Dot has reached out to him via TikTok comment. 

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