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‘This is what y’all pay for’: Chipotle worker shows what 4 ounces of protein looks like, says workers actually give you more than what you pay for

‘This is what we actually give.’


Natasha Dubash


A Chipotle worker says that customers get more 4 ounces of protein in their bowls, and he has the receipts to back up his claim. 

TikToker Patrón (@tron_pa), who has several posts about his job at Chipotle, took it upon himself to show customers the amount of food that they receive in comparison to what they pay for.

He starts the video holding a 4-ounce container and a regular-sized bowl.

“So this is what y’all paid for,” he says as he holds the 4 ounce container closer to the camera. 

“This is a 4-ounce cup. Y’all pay for 4 ounce[s] of meat,” the Chipotle worker adds as he fills the container up with what appears to be chicken.

Patrón sets the container aside and then picks up the bowl that customers are usually served food in. 

“This is what we actually give. We give y’all a healthy spoon,” he says showing a loaded serving spoon of chicken. The Chipotle worker then tilts the container to show the amount of chicken in the bowl, which appears to be much more than 4 ounces. 

For skeptical viewers, he then attempts to fill another 4 ounce container with the chicken he has just placed in the bowl. Even after the container is filled, there is still meat left in the bowl. 

“See? 4 ounce, and we still got meat left,” he says.

The portion size controversy

Chipotle has been going viral on social media recently as customers have noticed that the portion sizes are getting smaller. Even food influencer Keith Lee called out the brand for skimping on the chicken in his bowl. Some customers are boycotting the company. There’s also a trend of customers going to Chipotle, starting their orders, and then walking out mid-order.

However, Chipotle says its portion sizes have stayed the same and that customers can always ask for an extra scoop of anything they desire. 

“Guests of Chipotle can completely customize their meal in restaurants by vocalizing their desired portions, or digitally selecting extra, light, normal or on the side when choosing from the list of real ingredients,” Laurie Schalow said via a report in Restaurant Business.

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Patrón’s video received over 72,000 views, and over 900 likes. But in the one comment the post received, a user still expressed their suspicion that the Chipotle worker wasn’t telling the whole truth. 

“Why you lyinnnnn,” they asked. 

Patrón stuck to his claim, and wrote back, “If you work for chipotle you’ll understand the training.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Patrón and Chipotle via email for further information. 

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