Chipotle customer asks worker for more steak and gets a single piece

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‘The rumors are true’: Chipotle customer asks worker for more steak and gets a single piece. His burrito costs $19

‘I went there yesterday and it was 20 bucks for a bowl.’


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People love Chipotle, but they are not loving Chipotle’s price increases. Many speculate that the fast-casual chain has increased its prices due to inflation and some state wage mandates. Now, customers are asking themselves, is it still worth buying?

A customer, Jonny Five (@iamjonnyfive), posted a TikTok chronicling their experience at Chipotle buying a burrito that they believe reflects Chipotle’s price increase.

“Well, it’s official. The rumors are true,” says Jonny, more than likely referencing how Chipotle’s portion sizes have been a debate as of late. “I asked the guy for more steak. I sh*t you not. He put a single piece of steak on that spoon. And I was like, ‘Can I just have a few more?’ He says, ‘Would you like double?’ I was like, ‘Sure,” and then he puts a scoop and a half on top of the burrito…”

Jonny explains that’s not exactly what he was asking for but that “whatever,” that he’ll pay for it, until he sees the price.

“$19 for that burrito. I said, go f*ck yourself. I’m not paying that,” Jonny says, recording as they’re walking out of the store.

Chipotle under fire for portion sizes

Jonny is not alone in their frustration. Several people have noticed Chipotle’s alleged portion sizes decrease. Even the CEO himself addressed this issue, denying that portion sizes changed, but still others weighed in on the trend to boycott Chipotle last month.

Additionally, it turns out that Chipotle has increased their menu prices several times in the past few years, and most recently nationwide in October, according to a spokesperson on

“For the first time in over a year, we will be taking a modest price increase to offset inflation,” the spokesperson told These price increases have been felt more heavily in California, where Jonny Five was posting from, than in other states. According to an article by Restaurant Business, Chipotle’s price increases resulted from the state’s April passing of the mandatory $20 an-hour wage minimum for fast food workers.

Jonny’s video has almost 256,300 views and almost 1,400 comments as of Saturday morning.

@iamjonnyfive $19?!?! Ridiculous 🤦🏽‍♂️ @Chipotle #fyp #chipotle ♬ original sound – Jonny Five

Viewers weigh in

Folks in the comments are just as frustrated as Jonny.

“Easy solution, boycott Chipotle,” says one user.

“Meanwhile, I can go down to the small Mexican restaurant down the street and get a whole meal that’ll feed my family for 15 bucks. That’s with guac,” mentions another.

“I stopped going to chipotle a year ago that always cold and small fkng burritos,” shares one user.

It seems that Chipotle’s price increases are really causing a stir with customers. Still, a report revealed that sales at Chipotle actually went up in the first quarter by 5%, as mentioned in the Restaurant Business article.

Only time will tell what customers will do, especially in California, with the Chipotle price increases. The Daily Dot has reached out for comment to Chipotle via email and to Jonny Five via Instagram and TikTok messages.

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