Chili's skimps on ice cream to-go

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‘Thought they gave me a side of butter’: Chili’s customer mistakes ice cream for side of butter in cookie skillet order after restaurant skimps

‘When inflation hits chilis they’re stingy with the ice cream now.’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral TikTok video, a Chili’s customer calls out the restaurant chain for the paltry serving of ice cream they served with her to-go cookie.

In the clip, Abi Ortiz (@sofetchabi) shows the dessert that she got in a to-go container from Chili’s. It’s unclear whether she took it home after eating at the restaurant or if she ordered it for delivery.

Either way, the dessert appears to be the Chili’s Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie, which on the restaurant’s site is topped with a large ball of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with hot fudge.

In the video, the cookie has both of those elements but in significantly different sizes. The ball of ice cream came in what appears to be a plastic sauce container—like the kind you’d get if you asked for ketchup or mayo to go.

“When inflation hits chilis they’re stingy with the ice cream now,” the text overlay on the video read.

@sofetchabi Thought they gave me a side of butter 💀🤣 #inflation #chilis #831 #fyp #funny ♬ What is Dis Huni – Brian Morr

In the caption, Ortiz said she initially thought the ice cream was a side of butter.

The viral TikTok sound of Nene Leakes asking, “What is this honey,” plays on top of the video, further driving home Ortiz’s confusion.

Ortiz’s video is nearing a million views on TikTok and has over 200 comments as of Tuesday morning.

The shrink in ice cream size could be part of the “shrinkflation” trend. Shrinkflation is a combination of the words shrink and inflation. When combined, it refers to how some products shrink in size or quantity while maintaining the same price, so you end up paying more for less.

This is usually done to offset rising production costs or maintain profit margins when faced with competition.

The Daily Dot previously covered other instances of shrinkflation pointed out by consumers, including a misleading box of frozen wings, shrinking sandwiches at Starbucks, and a person who claimed McDonald’s pickles were now thicker than their burger patties.

Several commenters shared that they’ve has similar experiences as Ortiz.

“No literally I got the molten cake the other day and it didn’t even come with ice cream??” a top comment read.

“No bc the other day i ordered $12 chips and guac and the guac was in that sauce cup,” a person said.

“Olive Garden only doing 3 bread sticks in the basket. I swear before it was like 6,” another wrote.

Another person said they’d ordered the same dessert a while back and got significantly more ice cream.

“I remember getting that like a few years ago and they put it in the cup for like chili it was bigger than that,” a commenter shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Ortiz for comment via Instagram direct message and to Chili’s via email.

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