Child uses bride's wedding dress as a tissue


‘This right here is reason #43 of why you should have a child free wedding’: Child uses bride’s wedding dress as a tissue

'The mom laughing would’ve sent me over the edge.'


Parks Kugle


Posted on Jul 25, 2023

Every wedding has its hiccups, but one child at a reception has gone viral after she was caught wiping her face on the bride’s wedding dress.

TikTok user Kristen (@thefoxsaystwins) captured the moment her daughter used the bride’s gown as a napkin at the wedding reception. The video has been viewed over 1 million times as of this writing.

@thefoxsaystwins Do not recommend serving ketchup with the chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddie meal…or just don’t invite kids #bridefail #imsoembarrassed #weddingwhoops #rehersaldinner #kidfreewedding #kidsaremessy ♬ dumb dumb – sped up – mazie

In the video, the little girl begins rubbing her eyes with the white wedding dress as the bride speaks to someone off-camera. The bride bursts out laughing when she looks down and sees what’s happening. Another woman stops the child and leads her away.

The voiceover says, “When you can’t find a napkin so you use the bride’s dress.”

Kristen writes in the description: “Do not recommend serving ketchup with the chicken nuggets and fries for the kiddie meal…or just don’t invite kids.”

Though the bride handled the situation with grace, many commenters claimed they would be furious.

“I would never speak to the kid’s parents again,” one user stated.

“If someone’s snot filled crotch goblin destroyed something that was $10K+, I wouldn’t speak to them either,” read a second comment.

“My anger issue could never. Love the bride she’s so nice mom gotta do better,” someone else added about the dress being used as a napkin.

“The mom laughing would’ve sent me over the edge,” another agreed.

Many remarked that their solution would be to have a child-free wedding, so nothing like this would happen.

“‘Why don’t you want kids at your wedding?’ HERE YOU GO,” one person said.

“This is why I don’t allow kids at my wedding,” another agreed.

“No kids at my wedding,” stated someone else, to which the creator replied, “Same girl, same!”

Like the bride in the video, some found the incident with the dress amusing, and they argued that the negative commenters were missing the point.

“The bride is so calm and doesn’t even look to see if there is a mark,” a user said.

“All the “no kids at my wedding” comments, but this was a precious and innocent moment,” a second replied.

“The girl wiped her eye and the bride laughed, everyone needs to chiiillll,” a third pointed out.

The Daily Dot reached out to Kristen via email for further information.

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*First Published: Jul 25, 2023, 2:07 am CDT