Chick-Fil-A employee speaking to customer with cash at drive thru (l) Chick-Fil-A employee speaking to customer with cash at drive thru (c) Chick-Fil-A employee speaking to customer with cash at drive thru (r)

@aokayblends96/TikTok by Caterina Cox

‘It’s more than what most ppl be making in a year’: Customer tries to give Chick-fil-A worker $45K to quit on the spot

‘Woulda cussed everyone out and jumped out that window.’


Phil West


A TikToker and a companion recorded themselves at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru, offering the employee up to $45,000 in cash to quit her job—and it appears, from the video, she didn’t take them up on it.

The TikTok was posted on the @aokayblends96 account on Tuesday, though it looks like the content comes from a now-defunct account. Even though the video is the only one on the account, it’s attracted more than 927,000 views since going up.

In it, a driver and a companion filming from the passenger seat rolled up to a Chick-fil-A window in Santa Fe Springs, a city in Los Angeles.

The driver says, “Will you quit your job if I give you this?” while flashing a wad of cash. “It’s $20,000.”

The drive-thru worker seems unsure, and the driver then ups the offer, adding another stack of Benjamins. “Would you quit for 30?”

“Maybe,” the worker laughs, as she fills their order bag.

@aokayblends96 Chick-fil-a employee wasnt having it 😂 that commitment is real give her a raise💯#chickfilaemployee #chickfila #fyp #LA #Money #employee ♬ original sound – Aokayblends

They then get up to $40,000 and then $45,000, which has her ask, “For my entire life?”

The propositioner then clarifies, “Just for today.”

“You can get another job,” he adds, before she shakes her head.

“Chick-fil-A employee wasn’t having it,” the accompanying caption reads. “That commitment is real. Give her a raise.”

Commenters indicated they’d be thrilled if someone came to their drive-thru window offering a similar deal.

“Had me at ‘would you quit your job,’” one person quipped.

Another noted, “Woulda cussed everyone out and jump out that window.”

Yet another observed, “I would have took it asap,” adding, “It’s more than what most ppl be making in a year.”

Others named their price at lower than the $45,000 they ultimately offered, with various commenters weighing in with $10,000, $20,000, and $30,000, as if it were an auction.

While the TikTokers admired her dedication, the comments section was full of people who would have jumped at the offer—though at least one tried to figure out ways to game the system, such as the commenter who wrote, “I would’ve yelled, ‘I quit,’ then text my manager, ‘I’ll be back tomorrow.’”

And a whole group of commenters fell into the “why can’t this happen to me” category, with one meeting the worker’s refusal to take the money with the reaction, “This type of stuff be happening to the wrong people.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the TikToker via TikTok comment and to the fast-food chain via email.

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