Chick-fil-A customer finds something unusual in chicken sandwich

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‘That’s a whole choking hazard’: Chick-fil-A customer finds something unusual in chicken sandwich

'Watch them give u a 10 dollar gift card for it.'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Apr 22, 2024   Updated on Apr 22, 2024, 6:29 pm CDT

This Chick-fil-A customer found something truly disturbing in her chicken sandwich. Viewers are hoping she gets a fat check because of it.

In a viral video with more than 3.3 million views, Jacqueline Lopez (@itbejackie) shared how horrified she was with what she found.

Ready to enjoy her chicken sandwich, Lopez served it up on a plate, but before she could take a bite she noticed something sticking out of the chicken—a piece of plastic.

Now, Lopez pulled at it, likely expecting it to be small enough that it would pop right out. But it didn’t.

As she pulled the plastic, more of it kept coming out.

You know those scarves clowns have that keep going and going and going? That’s what this piece of plastic was like.

As she kept shaking the plastic to loosen it from the chicken, Lopez was horrified to see how long the plastic was. Judging from the video, it was easily a foot-long strip.

“Holy crap,” Lopez exclaims in the clip.

In the caption, the TikToker shared that she initially reached out to Chick-fil-A when the incident happened a month ago but hadn’t heard back.

“Hopefully something finally gets done after sharing this,” Lopez concluded.

The video has nearly 9,000 comments, and people are disgusted by what Lopez found.

“Watch them give u a 10 dollar gift card for it,” a top comment read.

“That’s a whole choking hazard,” another person pointed out.

“I thought it was going to be a tinyyyy piece & boom,” another said.

Some commenters speculated that maybe the rogue plastic was a glove or even a condom.

Chick-fil-A has recently been in the news for going back on its “no antibiotics ever” promise. Instead, they’re adopting a much less sexy “no antibiotics important to human medicine” policy. This new protocol is less strict on what kind of chicken they can serve (and a bit more confusing for the average person).

@itbejackie 🤢 This plastic was cooked INSIDE the sandwhich!!!! Could have gone horribly wrong, watch until the end to see how long this was. @Chick-fil-A has done nothing about this and its already been almost a month and I have heard nothing back. Hopefully something finally gets done after sharing this. #chickfila #chickfilahacks #chickfilaemployee #gross #plastic ♬ original sound – Jacqueline Lopez

The USDA and the World Health Organization recognize this standard.

It basically means that Chick-fil-A chickens won’t be fed the same antibiotics that are “essential” for treating humans, CNN reported. There’s a concern that when animals are given too many antibiotics to stay healthy, they can become antibiotic-resistant and pass that resistance on to the humans who consume them. That would be an issue because it would make the antibiotics we use to treat infections ineffective.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lopez via TikTok comment and to Chick-fil-A via email.

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*First Published: Apr 22, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT