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‘What do you feel your tip should be?’: Viewers divided after dad feeds family of 6 for $28 at the Cheesecake Factory, asks server how he feels about the hack

‘As the server, how does that make you feel?’


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TikTok couple Josh and Callie Mileham (@glazedepoxy) gained popularity for sharing cheap dinner hacks they use to feed their family of six. While some viewers find their content super helpful, they have have also been accused of not giving their children enough food.

And their latest video on a Cheesecake Factory hack is once again dividing reactions.

In a video with over 628,000 views, the couple’s Cheesecake Factory bill comes out to under $30 for their family of six. And they ask their server his thoughts on their hack and how they should tip.

The Cheesecake Factory hack

“We just ordered one salad and fries for our whole family of six,” Josh says. “As the server, how does that make you feel?”

The server, who is featured in the video, has a classy response.

“Um, honestly, I didn’t mind. I usually do have people who do order a plate for multiple people,” the server replies. “I usually try not to, like, form an opinion. I do it based more off how you guys are. You guys were awesome. It was a pleasure taking care of you guys. Your energy was great. It seemed like a fun time.”

Then, Josh inquires about his thoughts about the tip.

“So, based off $28, what do you feel your tip should be?” he asks.

“I’d like my tip to reflect how you feel I served you,” the server answers. “I try to aim for 20%, which would be for me. I did great. The table was happy with my service.”

Josh then asks him if he feels a 22% tip would be “fair” considering that would only be $6.

“That would be fair. I would be happy with it,” he says.

The video wraps up with Josh and Callie thanking the server.

In the caption, they continued to praise the server. They wrote, “THIS is a GREAT server! Thank you Anthony for the awesome service! We appreciate YOU!(filming was [consented]).”

@glazedepoxy Replying to @kaylagarcia0seven THIS is a GREAT server! Thank you Anthony for the awesome service! We appreciate YOU!(filming was concented) 🥰 #server #restaurant #fyp #cheesecakefactory #restaurantlife #texas #dallas #dfw #flowermoundtx ♬ original sound – The Milehams

The Daily Dot reached out to the Milehams via TikTok comment and direct message.

Viewers are critical over the tip

Despite the server approving the tip amount, some viewers were critical.

“The time he spent answering this question. should get him at least $15,” one viewer wrote.

“I hope you tipped him more than $6 minimum $20,” a second remarked.

However, they alluded they didn’t leave a $6 tip. “Wait for part 2,” they wrote in the comments section.

What is considered a fair tip?

Typically, the standard tip for sit-down table service should be between 15% to 20%. However, outstanding service should be rewarded with a tip over 20%, according to Table Agent.

And some people prefer to tip on service as opposed to the bill’s total.

The Milehams could ignore the bill’s total as they used a cheap dinner hack to fee their family. They could instead take into account how many people the server waited on, how much time they spent at the restaurant, and how often the server came by their table to check on them and refill their drinks, etc.

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