Shopper shares hack for buying clothes for cheap


‘My total for this order was $0’: Shopper shares hack for buying clothes for cheap

‘Just ordered them thanks girlie!’


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A woman revealed her secret about how she gets her clothes cheap: by purchasing items from an overstock website.

The video featured TikTok creator Kai (@kaisbubbletea). She told her 82,000 followers the most common question she receives: where does she get her clothes from?

Excited, the content creator spilled the tea.

“It’s a website called and it’s basically an overstock website,” she explained.

Instead of disposing of extra clothes, vendors send their excess inventory to the website. From there, the website would sell the items for a lower price. Afterward, she revealed how she constantly had $10 off referral links where she was able to receive a lot of free stuff.

Then, the camera shifted, and Kai unveiled her favorite four brands: Commence, Micas, Modatope, and Halara.

Next, she revealed her total from a vendor called “Cider” where she received her boots for free. Because of the free shoes, she added on a red dress and white tights. In total, she saved more than $100 on the purchase

“They have a shipping thing going on,” she said. “Usually, you have to pay $10 for shipping.”

In addition, the content creator had $29.89 worth of store credit which applied to the total. “I don’t need any more clothes because of this website,” she concluded in the video.

Kai elaborated more on this in the caption, “The amount of fancy dresses i have purely [because of this site anyway you can click my linktree for $10 off your purchase ITS FREE SHIPPING [RIGHT NOW] SO [DEFINITELY] GET SOMETHING BC USUALLY THERES SHIPPING.”

@kaisbubbletea Replying to @kat #greenscreen ♬ original sound – Kai

The Daily Dot reached out to Kai via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment and Shop Bazar via email. Kai’s video racked up more than 288,000 views and inspired viewers to order items off the website.

“Just ordered them thanks girlie!” viewer Katy M (@katy_martinez09.25) wrote.

“I still have $10 for using [your] code. I’m going to make a order next Friday,” @ashley_apolo echoed.

“Just spent $90 on like 8 things from cider I trust you. I hope it’s good,” @hyena_laughs commented.

However, others noted a problem with the website.

“Idk if its [because] I’m overseas but the site is bugging [so much] for me. I put the code in and it didn’t work,” user @enacaht said.

“Sad they don’t ship to Canada,” @pomeloslice stated.

Kai responded in the comments, “Yeah it’s a really small business [right now]. It was even smaller when I first posted [about] it I hope they can expand soon [because] I really like their message.”

According to The Bin Store. An overstock store is a retail outlet “that specializes in selling excess inventory or returned items that a company has been unable to sell through its regular channels.” Overstocking can be caused by factors such as misjudged customer demand, ineffective marketing or poor inventory management, Shopify reported.

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