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‘I’m so mad for you’: Woman warns against Celebrity Cruises after they dropped her bag in the ocean and didn’t tell her

‘This is like absolutely unacceptable.’


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A Celebrity Cruises customer took to social media to accuse the travel company of losing her luggage at sea and not even giving her a heads-up about the issue.

In a viral video that has racked up 59,700 views and thousands of comments, TikTok user Lindsey (@throughlindsdeyslens) described what reportedly happened.

“This is literally so ridiculous that I even need to make this video,” the woman began in the clip.

After acknowledging that the video would be very different from her typical content, which features her photography and art, Lindsey delved into a serious allegation against the cruise liner.

“Celebrity Cruise Line lost my bag in the ocean and didn’t tell me,” she alleged. “And left it there.”

She said not only did the company lose her luggage, but it also offered no compensation.

The woman was visibly upset as she shared her recollection of events while still aboard the cruise ship.

Lindsey said she and her family boarded the cruise at a port in Amsterdam. However, she alleged that when everyone in her party received their bags after boarding, she did not get hers, so she had to try to track her things down.

@throughlindseyslens Celebrity Cruises dropped my bag in the OCEAN! This was filmed on July 5th, I posted as soon as I had service. More updates to come. Please tag @Celebrity Cruises @Royal Caribbean so they can finally take accountability for their actions. *disclaimer: I understand that being on this trip is a privilege and I’m very grateful that me and my family are safe.* #lostatsea #celebritycruise #lostbaggage ♬ original sound – linds | colorado photog

Was she able to find it?

The cruise ship’s workers reportedly failed to give her more information, but she did eventually receive a call from someone who said they “fished” her bag out of the water at the port.

“Someone who worked for the Amsterdam Port fished my bag out of the ocean,” she said. “It had no tags on it saying where the bag was going.”

Fortunately, the bag did have a personal tag with the woman’s information on it. She said that’s how it was finally located, no thanks to the cruise liner.

“No one saw it. No one reported that it was gone,” the woman continued in the video. “If someone hadn’t found it floating in the ocean, I wouldn’t have even known it was gone.”

Though her bag had been located, Lindsey said the ship had already left it behind, so she’d have to survive her two-week European vacation without any of her personal items.

“This is like absolutely unacceptable,” she said.

In the comments section, many agreed and offered tips on how to get the cruise line to acknowledge that her bag was lost.

“This is THEIR fault,” user Brunky Tunky commented. “They need to fix it. That is infuriating and I’m so so sorry they won’t do more for you.”

“Past Celebrity crew member,” another viewer wrote. “Next time you go to guest services, ask to set up a meeting with the HOTEL DIRECTOR. Not the GSM, the HD. Highest of the high onboard to help in this situation!”

This is not the first time Celebrity Cruises has been blasted on TikTok. One woman claimed she was left behind on an island after she did not get back to her ship before it departed.

The Daily Dot reached out to Lindsey and Celebrity Cruises via email for more information.

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