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‘WE GOTTA GATEKEEP THIS OR THEY’LL DELETE THIS OPTION’: Customer shares ‘hack’ for getting Cava for half off

‘Not me seeing this while I’m eating my $15 bowl.’


Jack Alban


There’s been no shortage of love for Cava on social media. Customers have praised the chain for its generous portions, and a Cava devotee recently went viral on TikTok after gushing about how a location gave her free food because they weren’t accepting cash and she didn’t bring her card with her.

Now, another TikToker is extolling Cava by highlighting her “hack” for getting two meals for one at the popular chain.

TikTok user Caroline Conneen (@carolineconneen) posted the viral video on Feb. 2. As of March 30, the video has over 159,000 views.

“This is my hack for anyone who loves Cava to get it for half off,” she says to start the clip.

“Unlike other bowl places, the toppings are pretty much unlimited. Like, they’ll let you get as many as you want, so I got all brown rice, I doubled up for free on all of the toppings, and then the only thing I pay extra for is I double the protein so that I have two proteins,” she explains.

Conneen says that if the workers “do it right,” customers should receive a “huge” bowl when using this hack. She then scoops half of her Cava bowl’s contents into an empty bowl from her home.

“You’re getting two very legit portions here,” she says while showing the contents of both bowls. “Then, I just add my own greens, and now we have lunch, and now we also have lunch for tomorrow.”

@carolineconneen I do this when I get it delivered:) @cava is worth every penny in my opinion though fav lunch place ever #healthyeating #healthylifestyle ♬ original sound – Trueee

In the comments section, many viewers appreciated Conneen’s hack. Some even said they already use the practice at Cava and similar restaurants.

“I do this too and sauce on the side so it’s not soggy!!” one viewer wrote.

“I do the EXACT same but I eat more than half I double everything and add my own rice,” a second said.

“I do this with chipotle but get the toppings on the side so I can reheat the rice + protein/ cheese and keep the veggies/ salsa cold,” another added.

However, one TikToker’s remark suggests that Cava’s portion generosity may be location specific.

“We eat regularly at Cava, but one location near us barely put anything in it,” they wrote.

Luckily, Conneen’s hack is not the only way to save money at Cava. One TikToker shared that to get their money’s worth, they “just get the kids meal.”

The Daily Dot contacted Conneen via Instagram direct message and Cava via email for further comment.

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