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‘Why am I going to the grocery store anymore?’: Cava customer says takeout is now cheaper than groceries, spent $14 on bowl that last her 2 meals

'If you eat alone it may be cheaper but for a family it’s def more expensive.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Feb 6, 2023

With prices at the grocery store skyrocketing, some customers are ordering out to save money. A woman shared in a viral TikTok how ordering a large bowl from Cava lasts her two meals for the price of $14.

The video featured TikTok user Angela (@ange_carini) as she sits at her counter with a bowl of food. She reveals how she saves money at the grocery store by dining out more.

“You cannot tell me that taking out food anymore is more expensive than going to the grocery store,” Angela says, titling her bowl to reveal her mostly eaten food. The large bowl consisted of “brown rice, feta cheese, all the dips, cucumbers, and tortilla strips” with “little pitas on the side” all for $14. Since she was getting full, Angela states how she plans on saving the rest of the bowl for the next day, essentially buying two meals for seven dollars.

“Why am I going to the grocery store anymore?” Angela concludes the video.

@ange_carini I’m going to be that mom that says, “back when I was young movie tickets where only $7” 🫠🫠🫠 #expensivegroceries #fyp #whyiseverythingsoexpensive #costofgroceries #cava #groceryshopping #groceries #inflation ♬ original sound – Angela Carini

The Daily Dot reached out to Angela via TikTok email regarding the video. The video racked up over 708,000 views since it was posted on Feb. 5, with many viewers agreeing with Angela about eating out being cheaper.

“Buying the ingredients alone would be expensive. People claim you can buy in bulk but most produce doesn’t last more than a few days,” one viewer agreed.

“My point exactly! If you factor in your time to prep, using your stove, washing dishes spend more time cleaning. Definitely wayyy cheap,” a second echoed.

“Especially for healthy food! It’s so expensive to buy all fresh ingredients,” a third concurred.

However, others disagreed, pointing out how takeout is only cheaper if you’re only feeding one person.

“It was never cheaper to eat at home as a single person. If you are feeding 3 kids + yourself its a different story,” one person remarked.

“Alone possibly, but with a husband who eats a ton & me being pregnant eating everything in sight. Probably not,” a second commented.

“Cooking is only worth it if you cook for a family of 4+ people otherwise it’s more expensive to get groceries,” a third noted.

With inflation at 7.1% in December 2022, making prices of goods increase to 12%, 58% of consumers are now dining out. The grocery items that have increased the most are eggs. According to CNN, “Eggs, which have been affected by the deadly avian flu, were a staggering 49.1% more expensive through November, and butter prices, hit by a contraction in the milk supply, shot up 27%. Flour prices jumped 24.9%, bread went up 15.7%, milk was 14.7% more expensive and coffee prices rose 14.6%. Chicken was up 12% and fruits and vegetables spiked 9.7%.”

The reason why food prices are through the roof? “Extreme weather, diseases impacting crops and livestock, supply chain complications, and geopolitical unrest including the war in Ukraine. That makes it more difficult for the US government to use tactics like raising interest rates to moderate food prices,” per CNN.

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*First Published: Feb 6, 2023, 4:41 pm CST