worker called out customers who give her 'crumpled up' money

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‘It’s the only way it fits in my wallet though’: Cashier blasts customers who hand her crumpled-up money when paying

'And then they look at me like I’m wasting their time when I try to straighten it out.'


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Posted on Jul 22, 2023

A cashier and TikToker named Kee (@keevstheuniverse) posted a viral clip that’s garnered over 215,000 views as of Saturday. In it, they questioned a common consumer behavior that seemed to really grind her gears—customers who hand them crumpled bills.

She records herself opening up a cash register drawer to reveal an unevenly folded Canadian bill, and writes in a text overlay of the video, “When customers hand me scrumpled up money.”

Kee picks up the $10 note and shows off the way it was placed inside of the register—a voice-over in the video says, “These b*tches too f*cking old to be acting like this. She almost 40, acting like a little b*tch.”

Many folks thought that the behavior was a sign of disrespect, and Kee writes in a caption of the video, airing out the workplace gripe, “Number gazillion on my ‘things customers do and I hate’ list.”

@keevstheuniverse number gazillion on my “things customers do and i hate” list 😀 #fyp ♬ original sound – shy

One commenter seemed to have the same gripe with shoppers, but mentioned that they receive side-eye glances from them when they attempt to straighten out the notes they’ve been handed.

“And then they look at me like I’m wasting their time when I try to straighten it out,” they said.

Kee agreed with the viewer and provided additional context into this inconsiderate act she commonly experiences while at work.

“Literally I have people throw a handful of small change at me and crumbled bills and I have to sort and count it and they’re sooo unimpressed,” she said.

There was another shopper cash-handling behavior that appeared to irk users—folks who toss change on the counter as if it was a hot potato.

“Or when they have a pocket full of change and just throw it on the counter,” a user said. “Miss ma’am just count it and hand it to me!”

Someone else said they’ve experienced this as well, sharing, “When they throw the money on the counter instead of handing it to you, I always throw their change right back.”

One viewer said that when they encounter a customer that does this, they use it as an opportunity to get back at them.

“I like to take my time straightening the bills out in front of the customer,” they commented. “They waste my time, I waste theirs.”

One Redditor posted to the site’s r/pettyrevenge sub where they detailed how they got back at a customer who tossed their crumpled money on the counter before them in a flippant fashion.

Like another TikToker mentioned in a response to Kee’s clip, this Redditor said they too carefully straightened out the bills, taking up the shopper’s time. This was all done on purpose, of course.

“I was working as a cashier the other day and a man’s total came to 7 something. He reached into his pocket and pulled out several crumpled up bills and just threw them on the counter. Instead of giving him his change first, I uncrumpled each bill very, very slowly. I made him stand there for a good twenty seconds. Victory was mine that day,” they wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kee via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 22, 2023, 1:36 pm CDT