Carvana drops down wrong car for customer

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‘Got his hopes up nothing’: Carvana drops down wrong car for customer

'Boy was finna go crazy in the stang.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jun 11, 2023

Getting a bonus candy or extra bottle of soda from a vending machine can make feel like you hit the jackpot.

A car buyer who used one of Carvana’s car vending machines thought that they got similarly lucky streak when a white Ford Mustang convertible was brought down to him instead of the vehicle he thought he was originally purchasing.

Free (@freekindred) posted a clip of a man at an Atlanta area Carvana car vending machine location watching a white Ford Mustang being delivered via the machine’s automated system.

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The man can be seen on camera laughing as he looks at a white Ford Mustang convertible on a rotating platform: “You got me a convertible!” he says in the video laughing along with another person off camera. “Wait, you serious? That’s mine?!” he asks incredulously.

“No,” two people not pictured in the video can be heard saying in unison followed by more laughter.

Carvana says it has 38 of its car “vending machines” located throughout the country, and these mechanisms leave quite the impression. The tower of cars employs mechanisms found in many city parking garages, and customers at one of these locations can see the vending machine in action — delivering their car to them like a more expensive, elaborate version of a vending machine where you might buy a soft drink or snack.

While this video depicts a lighthearted misunderstanding, there have been instances where Carvana customers claimed that their vehicle they purchased through the service was delivered to the wrong person and address. Additionally, in a case where the customer finally received the car that had taken a different route, they noticed that the mileage on the odometer was 300 miles higher then what was originally reported.

The popular used vehicle sales service has also been the subject of controversy among some social media users. In December 2022, one TikToker posted a viral clip online where she claimed that the check engine light came on 10 minutes after she purchased a vehicle through Carvana. And then there was one buyer who purchased a $30,000 Hyundai Genesis through the company that ended up being literally “dropped off” — unceremoniously.

In May 2023, as the Daily Dot reported, another customer who used the service said that she was sold a Dodge Journey through Carvana that did not have its original engine in it, was extremely dirty, had a disconnected battery, and a keyfob that needed a battery replacement — plus she had to travel quite some distance to pick up the vehicle in person.

In the same month, the Daily Dot reported on a woman who bought a car from Carvana, only to have its glove box fill with water — though in that case, Carvana arrived at a resolution with the buyer.

According to Carvana, all of the vehicles it purchases before selling them to customers undergo a 150 point inspection service: “Once Carvana buys the vehicle, it is sent to one of our inspection centers for reconditioning and a 150-point inspection. This vehicle quality inspection includes everything from a brake check to an oil change, as well as checking for any damage that may have occurred during transport.”

The company goes on to say that while not all of the vehicles it sells are certified used, that all of the cars in its “inventory are inspected and reconditioned by quality technicians, and have no reported fire, flood, or frame damage according to CARFAX® and AutoCheck®.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Carvana via email and the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 11, 2023, 7:24 pm CDT