Carvana customer opening car glove compartment to reveal that it's full of water (l) Carvana sign on glass vending tower (c) Carvana customer speaking in car (r)

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‘I’ve heard so many bad things about Carvana’: Woman discovers that her car’s glove compartment is full of water (updated)

‘I just want Carvana to fix it.’


Phil West


A woman claimed that a car she received from Carvana had a glove compartment that ended up being filled with water, and she’s looking for a solution to this issue.

The video revealing this unwelcome surprise comes from TikToker Tatum (@tatumkelseyy), with more than 16,000 views on its first day on the site.

Tatum starts the video by saying, sarcastically, “Let me tell you how much I love my car from Carvana.”

She then pans over to the glove compartment and opens it, revealing it’s filled with water.

@tatumkelseyy I just want carvana to fix it 🥲 #fyp #foryoupage #carvana #help #carproblems ♬ original sound – TSpence

The accompanying caption reads, “I just want Carvana to fix it.”

Commenters understood why.

One, wanting to know what happens next, requested, “Please update. This is crazy.”

Another allowed this to confirm suspicions about the online car company, remarking, “I’ve heard so many bad things about Carvana lmao.”

One commenter added, “This is honestly not even remotely surprising.”

One simply queried, “Why would you buy one from there in the first place?”

The creator responded to that one, saying, “I work 55-60 hours a week and have two kids. Needed a vehicle very quickly. Definitely will not make that mistake again.”

Also, giving a hint as to how this might have happened, she added in another comment on the page, “Right after my 7 day return window ended it rained for the first time. Whole passenger side headliner wet, floor board wet, lights leaking. Everything.”

She confirmed this in another comment, writing, “I live in Florida. Rained all day today and yesterday. I hit a bump coming home and heard sloshing. Found this.”

A few people took the occasion to share their own Carvana stories, including one who revealed, “They listed a car as an automatic and delivered a manual to me,” adding, “I can’t drive manual.”

One commenter advised, “If it gets mold in it, it can be considered totaled.”

But another person came in to say, “Most policies have a mold exclusion.”

At least one person saw the humor in the situation, quipping, “It came with a hot tub!? I had to pay extra for mine.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment and Carvana via email.

Update 9:06pm CT May 26: A Carvana representative, responding to the Daily Dot’s request for comment, said regarding the creator, “We have had a chance to connect with Ms. Tatum regarding her experience and have since agreed upon a resolution.” 

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