Guest rates Cartoon Network Hotel a 0/10


‘I will never stay here and I left’: Guest rates Cartoon Network Hotel a 0/10

‘The way my jaw dropped when you showed me the stain on the pillow.’


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A guest excited to stay at the Cartoon Network Hotel deemed it a big Cartoon Network NO-tel, rating it a “0/10” for a wide-ranging list of reasons. 

The hotel, located in Lancaster, Pa., about 70 miles west of Philadelphia, touts itself as a place where you can “immerse yourself in the world of cartoons.” Rooms at the hotel are themed around Cartoon Network shows like The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time. 

But a guest who traveled there with her husband and daughter said it was not what she’d expected. The review came from Kayleen (@waitisitbeany) and her TikTok has already amassed over 753,000 views.

@waitisitbeany … never again. #fyp #foryou #cartoonnetwork #cartoonnetworkhotel #Yuck #fypシ ♬ original sound – kayleen

According to TripAdvisor, its average user rating is 3 of 5 stars—but Kayleen found it to be worse than that modest rating. 

The creator provided an extensive review via video. While she appreciated the decor in the lobby, and didn’t mind when the staff initially gave them the wrong room, things went south after the family began exploring the hotel’s amenities. 

“Here is the store,” she said, giving a tour of the hotel via TikTok. “We thought we were gonna get a little Jake from Adventure Time plushy. They did not have that. They barely had an Adventure Time section.”

She continued: “We checked out the arcade, which was abnormally small… They had like maybe five games in total. Really weird.”

They then went to something labeled the “Bearista Cafe,” but Kayleen said that the barista there couldn’t handle basic coffee drinks. They tried to get food in the cafe, too, but the menu changed in the 45 minutes from when they first visited to when they sat down to eat. In reaction to the swap out, Kayleen said that the new menu was “f*cking a**.”

Meanwhile, the outdoor pool was closed; and an indoor pool didn’t have a lifeguard on duty, as advertised. So, the family said that they settled for the splash pad instead.

Then came the review of the room. “Mold. Everywhere! Mold! Ev-ery-where!” Kayleen said.

Indeed, there was mold in the bathroom, and stains on the sheets and a pillowcase. 

“I was disgusted,” Kayleen concluded. “I will never stay here and I left.”

Commenters had thoughts. 

“I’ve passed by there before on my way to college,” one said. “I don’t know if it was the day, but it was dead looking from the outside.”

“I had friends go there and [their] experience was about the same as yours,” another reported. 

“The way my jaw dropped when you showed me the stain on the pillow,” a third viewer said. To this comment, Kayleen responded: “Worst part.”

There was one silver lining, though. In the comments, Kayleen said that the staff was “super sweet” and that she received a refund. 

Update 10:53am CT, Sept. 20: Lynsey Winters, a spokesperson for the Cartoon Network Hotel, told the Daily Dot in an email statement: “We are disappointed to hear that this guest was not satisfied with her visit to the hotel. Our hotel staff has implemented an action plan to address these concerns and is committed to providing the best guest experience possible to each of our visitors.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kayleen via TikTok comment.

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