Mechanic reveals exactly why he’s going to deny this insurance claim

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‘Nobody with an extended warranty bring they car to this man’: Mechanic reveals exactly why he’s denying CarShield claim. Don’t make the same mistake

‘Integrity is everything in my business.’


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A mechanic posted a TikTok revealing why he denied a customer’s insurance claim, and shared how to not make the same mistake. Alex (@alexthecardoctor) has reached over 21,000 likes on his video. He added an on-screen caption explaining, “This CarShield claim is probably gonna get denied.”

To start his video, Alex records the engine bay of a customer’s car. He first says, “Looks like the customer had a previous tune up done elsewhere. Not by me.”

Alex then explains that the customer brought their car in due to skipping, coughing, and “doing all kinds of funny stuff.” 

He says that he ran a compression test on the car and found that it had low compression. Because of this, Alex says he told the customer that he would have to “tear down to investigate it some more.”

“And look what I found,” he adds. 

First, Alex says he found a “loose rocker assembly.” After looking around a little more, he says he found a “zip tie with four materials in the dangle intake.”

A preexisting condition… in your car

Next, Alex says he will have to report his findings to CarShield. “I know what they’re gonna say,” he continues. “They’re not gonna cover negligence due to form material dropped down in the engine.”

According to MarketWatch, CarShield does not cover “Damage from pre-existing conditions before the warranty took effect, damage to normal wear and tear items like windshield wiper blades, brake pads and air filters, damage caused by a lack of regular maintenance, issues related to acts of nature, car accidents, theft and vandalism or damage caused by modified parts.”

Alex adds that, “I know what y’all keyboard thugs gonna say out there”

“Oh, why don’t you just lie to CarShield and help the customer out?” he says as if he was a viewer in his comment section.

“No,” Alex persists, “Integrity is everything in my business, whether it’s dealing with a customer or another company.”

A viewer in the comment section joked against Alex and said, “It’s important to have integrity in all parts of life except when dealing with insurance companies.”

“Nobody with an extended warranty bring they car to this man…” another added.

Alex responded, “Hell, I’d rather they not. Negotiating with the warranty company is annoying. And not worth the headache.”

However, another user still stated, “Clearly you ain’t here to help me.”

One responded, “So you want him to lie so you can get it done cheaper because it was your fault it’s broken.”

@alexthecardoctor This Carshield Claim is Probably Gonna Get Denied 🙅🏽‍♂️ #carshield ♬ original sound – Alex The Car Doctor

“Don’t listen to the comments. Integrity is a value only those who have will understand. It’s rare nowadays,” another added.

The Daily Dot reached out to request a comment from Alex via the TikTok comment section and direct message.

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