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‘This is why I have AirTags on everything’: Traveler says fellow plane passenger took her carry-on bag out of overhead bin

'I don’t have anything for my 10-day trip to Europe.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Mar 28, 2024   Updated on Mar 28, 2024, 9:16 am CDT

Each year, about one in every 56,000 bags are reportedly stolen at the airport.

It’s a fear many have, which is why travelers often put tracking devices like AirTags, in their check-in bags since those are the bags that are out of their owners’ sight for much of the trip. However, a woman’s recent TikTok is making a good case for also putting such devices in carry-ons as well.

TikTok user Josie ( walked through an airport as she recalled what just happened to her. “Someone just … took my carry-on bag out of the overhead bin on the flight I was on,” she said in her TikTok, which was viewed 227,000 times.

Josie suggested the person who took her bag made a mistake since there was another bag left in the bin. “There was another bag there, but it wasn’t mine. It didn’t even look really similar. It was the same color—black,” she said.

Josie said she didn’t bring a check-in bag, leaving her without any belongings. “All my clothes are in there and, like, everything,” she stated. “I don’t have anything for my 10-day trip to Europe.”

Josie said she has a connection that takes off in an hour and hopes the person who took her bag notices before then. She said she went to all the counters and got the workers to make an announcement. “So we’re just going to wait,” she said.

Josie’s video was posted on Tuesday, and she hasn’t yet followed up, so it’s unclear if she ever got her bag back. The Daily Dot reached out to Josie via TikTok comment and direct message. Someone just took my carry on bag out of the overhead bin in the plane i was on!!! 😭😭😫😫😫😫😫 #travel #budgettravel #eurotrip #baggage ♬ original sound – Josie | Piece of the Pie🍋🏠💰

Viewers shared that, while it seems unimaginable, this is not a unique occurrence.

“Someone tried to do this on a flight I was on but I caught them and said something. He didn’t even have a carryon,” one viewer wrote.

“I watched a similar situation happen on one of my flights and when I bought a new carry on I purposely got one that looks like Lisa Frank went wild,” a second shared.

Others shared their tips and tricks for how they prevent this from happening.

“I have put colored ribbon on my handle to I know which black bag is mine. This was before air tags,” one said.

“This is why I have AirTags on everything,” another shared.

Indeed, AirTags can help track luggage. Several content creators have gone viral for using them to successfully track down their missing bags.

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*First Published: Mar 28, 2024, 2:00 pm CDT