Carnival Cruise passenger nearly spends 3 days in cruise jail after piano bar incident. She’s contesting why

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Carnival Cruise passenger nearly spends 3 days in cruise jail after piano bar incident. She’s contesting why

'as someone who trembles and RAGES with even a tiny bit of conflict, I'm signing up for your masterclass'


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Posted on Feb 24, 2024   Updated on Feb 24, 2024, 1:50 pm CST

A woman revealed how a near altercation with another passenger in a piano bar almost landed her in jail while on Carnival Cruise.

TikTok user Theresa Rowley (@littledrownedrat) sat in her car. “Did I just get back from a seven-day Carnival Cruise? Yes, I did,” she said. However, on her third day, she almost landed in “cruise jail.” Why? “Because of a B word who topped out at about five foot three in heels wouldn’t stop talking sh*t to my 67-year-old mother? Yes, I did,” she explained.

Apparently, the issue started when Rowley and her mother decided to go to the ship’s piano bar. “We were all piano besties until the third day when a little, tiny woman scuttles her way in, hops up in the open stool next to me,” she said. “And she won’t shut the F up.” The content creator described the woman’s voice as having a “Polly Pocket stuck in her throat.”

Throughout the entire performance, the woman kept talking and yelling across the bar and pretending to fall asleep. At one point, the pianist played Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” This didn’t stop the woman from being disruptive, Rowley said. As the woman kept talking, anger was boiling the content creator’s blood. “And I just about had it, OK? Maybe it was the Pinot Grigio, but I don’t think it was. I think it was the annoyance,” she said. 

When the performer implied to the crowd to be quiet, the woman didn’t catch the hint. Then, what Rowley did finally silenced her. “I said, ‘Wooo! Everyone’s listening! No one’s talking!’” Once the performance was over, the content creator overheard the woman talking. “This b*tch is being so rude. She told me to shut the f*ck up,” the woman said.

Rowley told her mother what the woman said. ”Just ignore her, Theresa. She’s just being rude,” Rowley’s mother stated. Immediately, the content creator said the woman turned around and retorted to the mother, “Oh, I think you’re the rude one, b*tch.”

However, Rowley wasn’t going to allow this and confronted her. But the woman blamed them for being “disrespectful.” Nevertheless, the content creator wasn’t backing down. “That’s so crazy because I think everyone in this bar knows that you are being disrespectful to me,” she said, pointing, “to that girl, to that guy, that performer, and most importantly, to my mom. So, say it again.” Instantly, the woman went quiet. Before leaving for the restroom, Rowley added, “You can talk sh*t to me when I get back but you’re not going to look at my mother, you’re not going to speak to my mother. Is that understood?” 

While in the restroom, the woman left without explanation. After the incident, everything was fine. On the last night of the cruise, she and her mother were walking down a hallway and they stumbled upon the same woman, vomiting in a trash can. When the woman looked up at her, Rowley took out a Pepto Bismol tablet and slipped it in her mouth in front of her, chewing on it. Despite the incident, Rowley wasn’t proud of her behavior. “I don’t like who I become on Carnival cruises, actually,” she concluded, appearing sad.

@littledrownedrat Almost turned me into a pirate. #storytime #carnivalcruise #cruiselife ♬ original sound – Theresa Rowley

The Daily Dot reached out to Rowley via email and TikTok comment. The video has amassed 21.1 million views as of Saturday afternoon. In the comments, viewers shared their favorite moments from the story.

“‘I don’t like who I’ve become on Carnival cruises,’ should be their new ads,” one viewer wrote.

“A POLLY POCKET STUCK IN HER THROAT sennnnnnnt me,” a second commented.

“The Pepto stare down AND chew!” a third stated.

In addition, others applauded the way Rowley handled the situation.

“yall heard of rompers stomper well now we got a cruise crusader,” one user stated.

“as someone who trembles and RAGES with even a tiny bit of conflict, I’m signing up for your masterclass,” a second said.

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*First Published: Feb 24, 2024, 6:00 pm CST