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‘My manager at Burger King told me the same’: Woman says boss judged her for choosing to go to college instead of continuing working at car wash

‘Once worked at target and when I told them I had to quit cause of school they told me to rethink my priorities.’


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A popular TikToker is going viral after sharing that her boss expected her to choose working at a car wash over going to college.

In the video Christy (@christybrooksd) had a slightly confused look on her face as she mouthed along to a TikTok sound that goes, “I don’t even know what to think about this.”

In the video text, Christy explained that she put in her two weeks’ notice at her gig at a car wash because she was heading off to college. She was taken aback by her manager’s surprising reaction to the news.

“Do you want to waste your money on school or do you want to make it in this industry?” her manager asked her.

One commenter said they’ve noticed that bosses at entry-level jobs are “always so personally offended” when workers leave for better opportunities.

“The industry in question was a car wash,” Christy added.

For context, the average car wash attendant’s salary ranges between $24,000 and $39,000, according to Zippia. Though it is unclear what Christy’s position was.

In a comment, Christy claimed that her manager “had an alcohol problem” and shared that he once got drunk, spent all the money in the cash register, “and then asked if he could pay me in spaghetti.”

The video has more than 1.7 million views and nearly 900 comments. Christy has more than 46,400 followers on TikTok. She primarily posts videos about her personal and often relatable life experiences.


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Several commenters shared similar experiences with bosses who had outsize expectations for how committed workers should be to their jobs and industries.

“My manager is always saying ‘some of you aren’t taking this seriously, you’ll never make it far here” and here is a retail store,’” one person shared.

“My manager at burger king told me the same and then got arrested for stealing the coins from the fish tank,” another wrote.

“Once worked at target and when I told them I had to quit cause of school they told me to rethink my priorities,” a commenter said.

Another person shared an even more intense situation in which they were interviewing to work at Starbucks and the manager told the person they’d only hire them if “i dropped out of college.”

The comment section is filled with dozens of people sharing the circumstances in which their boss wanted them to prioritize the job they already had over the future the worker was heading towards.

The Daily Dot reached out to Christy for comment via Instagram DM.

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