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‘Avoiding that one doc’: Viewers divided after car salesman jokes that he didn’t want to hand customer over the CarFax

'Carfax isn’t always accurate either.'


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Posted on May 1, 2024   Updated on Apr 30, 2024, 12:13 pm CDT

A car salesman created a bit of a kerfuffle after uploading a joke on TikTok about selling customers a new ride that is closer to a hunk-of-junk.

The seller in question, @costacreatescardeals, quipped about intentionally dodging the CarFax report in his dealings with a customer in the hopes that they wouldn’t find out about the car’s actual mileage and true accident history. Numerous TikTokers didn’t appreciate his humor.

“When your customer is SIGNING the last document and asks for the CARFAX and you been avoiding that one doc all along because odometer been rolled back from 364,000 miles to 3,640 miles, 4 accidents with deployed airbags, and hasn’t had an oil change in 5 years!!!” he writes in a text overlay of the viral TikTok.

Costa clarifies that he isn’t being serious in a caption for the video: “ITS JUST A JOKE! Might have an accident but thats only normal!”

One commenter highlighted a way that a dealer could help quell any fears a customer might have while also earning themselves a few extra bucks in the process. “Drove the car and everything checked out right? You were happy on the test drive and loved the way it handled on the road? we can always look into an extended warranty for peace of mind, follow me,” they wrote.

Someone else said that as a car salesman they always let customers know about potential problems they may encounter with their vehicle upon purchasing it: “Nah man I’m very transparent with my customers if it has an accident or minor damage I will let them know as im showing the vehicle.. I believe it goes a long way and I would hate for someone to do me.”

However, another user on the application said that CarFax reports aren’t enough and that there are other measures customers should take when purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. “Carfax isn’t always accurate either. Just bring a certified mechanic with you when you purchase a use car. Take my word for it,” they said.

Another user on the application didn’t seem to care for the salesman’s joke, however: “That is the difference between shady dealer and a good dealer.” The original poster was quick to clarify his intentions, writing in response, “That’s why I put it’s a joke duh! It’s satire my boy.”

Since used cars with pre-existing problems can become massive headaches and financial burdens for buyers, it’s understandable why folks who’ve been hoodwinked are quick to air their grievances online (like this Redditor).

According to Find Law, if a customer believes they’ve been the victim of fraud at a car dealership, there are some steps they can take in filing a claim against the business.

First, this type of gripe would fall under “common law fraud” and shoppers would have to sue the dealership under this legality. They would also have to prove that a false claim was made to them: i.e. stating that it was never in an accident or ever sustained any frame damage, only for the buyer to discover this at a later time.

Find Law went on to state that the dealer knowingly lying about this claim or ignorant of the truth of the matter must also be established. Following that, proving the dealer attempted to get you to “act” on a purchase, that you relied on the information conveyed to you to influence your purchase, and finally, that you suffered damages as a result.

@costacreatescardeals ITS JUST A JOKE! Might have an accident but thats only normal! #fyp #dealershiplife #sales #cardealership #deskmanager #saleshumor #carsalesmanager ♬ Praise Jah In The Moonlight – YG Marley

Getting written correspondence or a record of the aforementioned points will go a long way in trying to get back at a dealership for selling you a bogus ride. In order to avoid a lot of this headache, however, consulting with a service like CarFax, as this Quora user suggests, is a good way to perform some due diligence to ensure that you aren’t stiffed on a whip.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @costacreatescardeals via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: May 1, 2024, 4:00 am CDT