can you sleep on a Tesla Cyber Truck?

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‘The ultimate divorced dad vehicle’: Tesla owner sleeps in their Cybertruck

‘This is a luxury casket.’


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Tesla’s Cybertruck has been mired in bad headlines in recent months: First, it attracted headlines after it was revealed that it couldn’t go through an automatic car wash. Even disappointed buyers have expressed regret toward purchasing the vehicle.

One of the biggest qualms about being a Cybertruck owner, though, is that the car attracts unwanted attention. So, say you just bought a Cybertruck and are on the outs with your friends and spouse? What can you do?

Well, according to one video, if buying the truck makes you so despised that you’re out of a place to sleep, and couch-surfing is out of the question, the Cybertruck is there to help.

In a recent video posted to X by @Teslaconomics, a man enters the back of a Cybertruck, which is decked out with a thin white mattress. He then gets into the makeshift bed and pulls the hood over the car over him, ensuring complete darkness. Then he showed viewers an app that controls the Cybertruck. On it, he showed viewers a way to turn on a light inside the bed of the truck. It was a tight space, but the poster affirmed that people can indeed sleep inside the back of a Cybertruck.

“If you ever get kicked out of the house by your significant other for buying the Cybertruck, you know where you can still sleep in style,” the account captioned the post.

Can you really sleep in a Cybertruck?

If the video from Teslaconomics wasn’t convincing enough, other owners have also confirmed that you can sleep inside of your Cybertruck. They’ve warned, however, that this arrangement isn’t necessarily comfortable. 

In a recent video, Dan from the What’s Inside YouTube channel, documents his overnight stay in his Cybertruck. He notes that the vehicle isn’t as cozy as other Tesla models. Part of the issue with the Cybertruck, the YouTuber notes, is that there is no opening between the Cybertruck bed and the passenger compartment. In other words, it is impossible for the car’s built-in air conditioning to reach someone sleeping in the back. 

In addition, as the video from Teslaconomics shows, the experience is quite claustrophobic. Unlike other Tesla models, the Cybertruck vault closes without any view of the outside. To combat this, Dan attempted sleeping on the floor of the rear passenger compartment. 

Overall, he says that the experience wasn’t horrible. Dan ended up putting a mattress on the floor for comfort, but notes that he was still somewhat cramped.

According to TorqueNews, other Tesla models might be somewhat cozier. In camp mode, it noted, you can turn on the car’s air conditioning, and, as long as your car’s battery doesn’t dip below 20%, essentially sleep in a temperature-controlled greenhouse. It also noted that most Tesla’s—save for the Cybertruck—are excellent for car camping.

How are viewers reacting? 

Indeed, many viewers on X seemed to poke fun at the fact that buying a Cybertruck might cost you a place to sleep. Many quipped that buying a Cybertruck might be the fastest way to ensure a couple divorced. 

“Buying a cyber truck is like getting tenure track to become a Divorce Guy,” one viewer said.

“The ultimate divorced dad vehicle,” another wrote. 

“Type of car you get when u wanna be divorced and alone,” a third commenter added. 

Others couldn’t fathom why someone would want to sleep in such a tight, enclosed space. Some even questioned what might happen if the app loses connection with the car.

“Sir, this is a luxury casket,” one viewer said. 

“It’s giving coffin,” another wrote.

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