luggage POV at airport (l) hand putting camera on luggage with caption 'TIME TO FIND OUT WHAT THE AIRPORT DOES WITH MY BAG' (c) luggage POV at airport (r)

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‘This feels illegal’: Passenger puts camera on luggage to see ‘what the airport does with their bag’

‘Why do I want to ride on this like a rollercoaster?’


Phil West


A curious TikToker wondered what happens to your bag once you entrust it to airline staff on a flight, and many viewers were curious right along with him.

The video comes courtesy of Thomas Miller (@thomasmiller719), and has been viewed more than 13 million since being posted on April 13.

It starts with the creator attaching a small camera to luggage about to go through a belt conveyor at an airport, with an on-screen caption reading, “Time to find out what the airport does with my bag.”

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Then, you see the journey from the luggage’s point of view, with the luggage making a few twists and turns along the beltway and then passing an unsuspecting crew member.

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

While several commenters took the opportunity to make “Toy Story 2” jokes — nodding to the scene where the gang takes a ride on a belt conveyor in a pet carrier — others ran the gamut from curious to thrilled to underwhelmed.

One wanted to know what kind of camera it was, and the creator shared it was an Insta 360 Go 2.

Another likened the suitcase to an amusement park ride, asking, “Why do I want to ride on this like a rollercoaster?”

One remarked, “This feels illegal.”

That led a few to chime in with comments such as “it probably is,” “pretty sure it’s illegal, no?” and “in Sweden, it’s illegal.” The commenter, however, did not cite any specific Swedish law.

At least one person had an emotional take on video, asking, “Why do I feel bad for the bag?”

Disappointment pervaded for one commenter, observing, “I knew what to expect, yet I wanted more ‘drama.’”

But at least one person got an ASMR vibe from the video, noting, “IDK but I find this therapeutic.”

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