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‘It’s kind of a bait-and-switch’: Man shares ‘golden rule’ to avoid getting scammed when purchasing meat

‘I’ve stopped a few of my friends from wasting their money at places like this.’


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If you ever see an offer for a lot of steaks for a little money, keep walking. At least, that’s what TikToker Joseph Rowan (@fakdpodcast) says.

Rowan recently garnered 1.5 million views when he warned viewers to always buy meat by the pound.

His video begins with a shot of a tent with a sign reading “20 Ribeye Steaks for $40.”

According to him, tents like this are scams meant to rake in profits by hawking “very subpar quality meat.” On top of that, he says the price isn’t really low to begin with. Rowan says the ribeyes are 3.5 ounces cooked, so the price works out to “about $9 a pound.”

“Now, that’s very small,” Rowan remarked. “And you know these are not premium cuts anyways.”

What’s the golden rule?

“Rule of thumb when buying meat, never buy meat by units,” Rowan advises.

To make matters worse, Rowan says the 20 ribeye steaks for $40 deal is “a bait and switch as well.” He says that after vendors make the sale, they try to push their “premium package,” which “is well over $60.”

He warns that these places know that once customers leave, they’ll never come back, so they’ll try to take them for as much as possible.

To avoid buying bad meat, “You should always buy it by the pound,” he advises.

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Rowan’s not the first one to warn against buying from tents selling bulk meat. TikToker Innercity Rogue cautioned people to avoid the 20 ribeyes for $40 because one vendor he visited allegedly sold him lab-grown meat.

Most viewers agreed with Rowan

“I aint buying meat in a parking lot anyway,” a viewer responded.

“3.5 oz of meat? an eight ball of ribeye lmao,” another added.

“This man is right,” a third shared. “They got my brother at the mall parking lot with those thin ribeyes….he put 2 in a skillet and it turned into gravy, literally disintegrated lol.”

However, some defended the price, claiming a deal is a deal.

“9/pound for low quality ribeye isn’t horrible,” one said.

“Great for fajitas though,” a second replied.

In the r/Spokane subreddit, Redditor Ommanipadmehome elaborates on how these vendors make a profit off these supposed deals. “Catch is low quality,” they wrote. “If a cow is low enough quality, so are the ‘prime’ cuts. If you can trick humans into buying these as cheap tinysteaks, then you make more than selling it for dog food or hamburger or whatever.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Rowan via TikTok comments for further information.

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