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What is the ‘Bonk’ meme, and who is the cute dog behind It?

Despite his passing, Cheems’ legacy lives on.


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The Bonk meme, from a comic-style series featuring the dog character Cheems being hit on the head, has become a staple of internet culture.

The meme started with a video posted on Instagram on July 13, 2019, by user snootboopes, and it showcased a shiba inu being hit with a hammer, followed by a comical “bonk” sound effect. This simple yet amusing concept caught the internet’s attention, amassing over 38,600 views and 5,000 likes in just seven months.

Bonk meme: The Spread and Evolution of ‘Bonk’

The “Bonk” meme started with a video that sparked a wave of creative and diverse iterations. It was first featured in a widely viewed meme compilation by the YouTube channel Freememeskids, which further propelled its popularity.

Variations also began to pop up in which the dog was being hit with other objects such as anvils and newspapers. Each version was accompanied by a unique sound effect and clip art. The “Bonk” format eventually became closely associated with the ironic doge memes that proliferated across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, iFunny, and Instagram.

@congchuadaito Bonk!!! Mêm#meme ♬ nhạc nền – ExN_Gaming

The Heartbreaking Loss Behind the Meme

The adorable dog behind the “Bonk” meme, known online as Cheems, sadly passed away. The dog, whose real name was Balltze or “Ball Ball,” was cherished online for his endearing appearances in memes like “Swole Doge vs Cheems” and “Go to Horny Jail.”

Balltze’s passing was announced by his owners on August 18, 2023, following a surgical procedure amid his battle with cancer. His demise has left a void in the meme community, with fans mourning the loss of this internet icon.

Cheems’ Legacy

Despite his passing, Cheems’ legacy lives on. His smiling face connected people worldwide, and his owner hopes that Cheems will continue to bring happiness online, a testament to the impact this adorable shiba inu had on so many people.

The “Bonk” meme is not just a viral internet trend but a celebration of the joy and laughter brought by Cheems, the beloved Shiba Inu. His memory continues to live on through the countless memes and smiles he inspired across the globe.

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