BMW owner can’t make monthly car payment, shows what happens

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‘I don’t have the money’: BMW owner can’t make monthly car payment, shows what happens—and it’s not a repo

‘Return it, brother.’


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A worried car owner captured a conversation with a credit union worker over a missed car payment—and was somewhat relieved to learn what would happen if the payment was made late.

The video documenting the exchange came from creator BLITZJ0K3R (@4theblunted), posted on Wednesday and getting more than 289,400 views since.

‘Yeah, I’ve never missed a car payment,” he begins, explaining his situation. “This is the first time and it’s gonna be due again this month, you know.”

He learns, after the credit union worker checks on the account, that he’s “good”—as in, there’s a seven-day grace period, and that the late fee on top of that is only $7.

“For each day?” he wonders, fearing the worst, before learning it’s just a one-time $7 fee.

But then he also confirms that $578.44 is due on the account, and grapples with the possibility of borrowing money from his mom to cover the payment.

But definitely plan ahead on car payments

A December 2023 article from Yahoo! Finance notes that vehicle repossessions are up by more than 20%, as “lenders seem to be going after non-payers with unexpected gusto, offering incentives for repossessions and hinting that some are using bounties.”

The article points out, “For many having a difficult time keeping up with payments, repossession can occur as soon as you default on your loan. Typically, you would need to be hiding from your lender’s messages and have an account at least 60 days past due for a creditor to begin the repossession process.”

Yet, “once you default, lenders in many states can repossess your vehicle at any time, without notice, and come onto your property to take it. Fortunately, most lenders want your money — not your car — and wouldn’t normally repossess it after one missed payment.”

Commenters offered advice.

@4theblunted This is so real😫 #bmw #carpayment #bills #creditunion #reallife ♬ Rotina – Drew

“Return it, brother,” one counseled. “The time will come when you can have what you want. don’t try and live outside your means.”

Another cautioned in response, “My cousin returned her mini van a few years ago & she still had to pay 6k, and it ruined her credit.”

Someone else offered, “Anyone saying return the car is delulu. You can’t just return it. You can sell it back but you’ll be at a loss.”

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