Woman shares where you can get unexpected birthday freebies that aren’t food

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‘Kate Spade gives you $30 on your birthday’: Woman shares where you can get unexpected birthday freebies that aren’t food

'Yankee candle give free mini candle'


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Posted on Mar 9, 2024   Updated on Mar 9, 2024, 3:52 pm CST

Sometimes, places offer different rewards for your birthday whether it’s a coffee or a dessert on the house. In a viral video, a woman spilled the tea about where to receive birthday freebies that aren’t food-related, and unveiled all the items she received from the different stores.

TikTok user Jenna Lu (@itsjennalu) kicked off the video by declaring her love for free stuff. “I love free stuff, OK? Like, I will do anything to get something for free,” she told her 166,000 viewers. Every birthday, the content creator attempts to get a bunch of free food. This year, she wanted to take it up a notch. “This year, I was like, ‘You need to step it up.’ I want all my birthday gifts to be free,” she said. Then, Lu unveiled all the items she’d been collecting since January.


First up, is Madewell. “Madewell gives you a $25 credit. So, I got this tank top,” she said, revealing the lavender tank top she purchased. “And I got this pair of shorts,” she added, showing the pair of jean shorts she got on clearance. “It only cost me, like, $2 for this entire outfit,” she said.

Bath and Body Works

Second is a free item of your choice from Bath and Body Works. “If you have the Bath and Body Works app, you can get a free item of your choice on your birthday,” Lu explained, holding up the Love You hand soap she chose. In addition, she received a free Calypso Clementine mini body wash, but not because it was her birthday. “I get coupons in the mail from Bath and Body Works and it’s, like, they always send you ones for, like, free mini things,” she said.


“And then the Loft slash like, Ann Taylor gave me $10 for my birthday,” Lu shared and showed a long-sleeved white shirt. “So, I got this little shirt. I’m gonna wear it to work.”


Additionally, she received a pair of black sunglasses from retailer Aerie. “I got a $5 birthday reward,” the content creator stated. Then, she put her new sunglasses on. “I got these sunglasses. These only cost me, like, $2 and I think they’re super hot when I go running this summer,” she added.


A little well-known fact is that Sephora gifts customers a free beauty item of their choice on their birthday. What did Lu pick out? “Yeah, I got this little Youth To The People skincare on,” she said, holding up the square box. 

Kate Spade

In the content creator’s hand was a small beige pouch from Kate Spade. “Kate Spade gives you $30 on your birthday,” she took out a pair of pearl earrings. “I don’t have my ears pierced, but honey, they’re gonna get pierced so I can wear them,” she stated. While Kate Spade doesn’t have a formal birthday reward policy, it does apparently send promo codes through its newsletter.


As an add-on to the earrings, Lu stopped by Claire’s where she spent her $5 rewards on piercing solution. Why? “So, I can pierce my own ears, finally,” she explained. “Because I didn’t have this. Also, I’m just afraid to do it,” she added.


“JCrew gives you a $10 reward for your birthday,” she said. Afterward, Lu unfolded a pair of pink-and-white flannel pajama pants and held them up. “I work out in my pajama pants, so, they get ratty really quickly,” she stated. 

Ace Hardware

An unlikely place to earn a gift is the hardware store. Nevertheless, Lu dropped by and ended up with a gift. “And then Ace Hardware gives you a little $5 reward for your birthday,” she said. From the gift shop at her Ace Hardware, the content creator bought a green floral trinket bowl. “I thought I could put, like, little rings in,” she elaborated.


For a $5 birthday cash reward and using her mom’s 40% off coupon, Lu was able to secure a Barbie towel at Kohl’s. “Look how cute that is,” she said, displaying it. “Like, that’s gonna be so cute by the pool.”


Using the $5 birthday reward, the content creator found gel pens on clearance. The Yummy Yummy brand she purchased consisted of nine colors: red, orange, yellow, turquoise, green, blue, indigo, purple, pink, and silver. “I paid, like, 70 cents for them,” she said.

Box Lunch

Moreover, Lu held a pink Hello Kitty mug. “I had a $5 birthday reward and a $5 anniversary reward from Box Lunch, and so, I got this little Hello Kitty mug,” she stated.

Hot Topic

Like Box Lunch, Hot Topic offered the same reward. Thus, the content creator spent it on a matching Strawberry Shortcake oven mitt set and a pot holder. “I don’t have my own house, but I’m gonna save these for when I do have my own house,” she explained.


Like its beauty competitor, Ulta also offered a free beauty gift. Then, Lu unveiled her turquoise and orange moisturizing cream. “I got this Peach and Lily Moisturizing cream,” she shared.


“Torrid gives you a $10 birthday reward,” she explained and showed off her black fingerless gloves. “So, I got these fingerless gloves ’cause they were on clearance so they were exactly $10,” she added.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret gave her $10 off on her purchase for her birthday. Not only that but she had a coupon for two free pairs of underwear. Lu took home three pairs of underwear.


Lastly, PacSun offered both a $15 birthday and anniversary reward. “I got this skirt for, like, $8,” she said, stretching out her long, red and white polka dot skirt.

In the caption, Lu divulged, “i spent $24.34 for everything.”

@itsjennalu i spent $24.34 for everything 🤑 #birthdayfreebies #birthday #birthdayfreebies2024 ♬ original sound – Jenna Lu

The Daily Dot reached out to Lu via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment. The video garnered over 167,000 views as of Saturday morning. In the comments, viewers had questions about the rewards.

“Do you have to be part of there store or have a store card,” one viewer asked.

“do these have to be ON your birthday or during birthday month?” a second questioned.

“Is it online too or in person only?” a third inquired.

In the comments section, Lu replied to all of these questions, “Nope I don’t have any store credit cards this is all through signing up for each stores free rewards program,” she responded. “Birth month. “I signed up for all of these online and then a lot of them I ordered online and if they didn’t have free shipping I selected in store pickup.”

Also, some revealed other birthday freebies.

“Yankee candle give free mini candle,” one user commented.

“Jcpenney gives $15,” a second wrote.

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*First Published: Mar 9, 2024, 7:00 pm CST