You know you love them—the definitive top 10 Nickelback songs

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You know you love them—the all-time top 10 Nickelback songs

Nickelback has faced its share of criticism but also achieved monumental success.


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Nickelback, the notable Canadian rock band formed in 1995, has faced its share of criticism but also achieved monumental success, selling over 50 million albums worldwide, according to a 2011 Billboard article. (Note they reached that significant milestone back in 2011.) You might not like Nickelback songs, but you certainly know Nickelback songs.

Despite mixed reviews—to be extremely generous—the band has resonated with fans globally. Below is a consolidated review of what we’re calling the best-ever Nickelback songs, blending diverse musical genres and poignant, relatable themes.

(We created a top 10, listing in no particular order, though you probably already know what No. 1 should be.)

“Edge Of A Revolution”

This heavy track from No Fixed Address combines potent instrumentation with politically charged lyrics. Inspired by the 2014 protests over police violence in Ferguson, Missouri, it tackles societal change and resistance themes, painting a vivid picture of revolution and discontent.

“If Everyone Cared”

This conscientious ballad from All the Right Reasons uses its post-grunge sound to communicate a more profound message about universal love and empathy, combined with hypnotic music and Kroeger embarking on a gritty vocal exhibition.


“Someday,” from The Long Road, is a vibrant ballad about the longing for love. The powerful and emotional portrayal of a faltering relationship, amplified by fierce guitar riffs and full-throated vocals, breathes originality into a familiar theme.


“Animals” is a raw depiction of the primal facets of human nature, driven by heavy guitar riffs, intense drumming, and Kroeger’s striking vocals. The song is an anthem for unabashed indulgence in primitive instincts, and despite its controversy, stands as a testament to Nickelback’s bold and provocative artistry.

“When We Stand Together”

This inspiring song from Here and Now deviates from the band’s heavy metal norm, offering an enlightening message about global awareness with its pop and rock sound. At the same time, Kroeger has moderated his grit on this song, harmonizing with the diverse instrumental tones.

“If Today Was Your Last Day”

This expressive conceptual ballad from Dark Horse combines powerful instrumental with profound messages about living in the moment, executed with sincerity and authenticity, creating a unique and motivational musical experience.

“Far Away”

This emotional ballad from All the Right Reasons delves into the depths of love with its soft and sultry music and Kroeger’s passionate vocals, creating a resonating and sentimental narrative without the need for vocal extravagance.


This satirical ballad from All the Right Reasons is a self-reflective portrayal of the celebrity lifestyle. Despite critical pans, its ironic lyrics, catchy tunes, and controlled music make it noteworthy, demonstrating Chad’s versatility with his soulful lower register.


“Photograph,” the mesmerizing lead single from All the Right Reasons, offers a crossover appeal to rock, pop, and country fans, with its compelling music and melody, coupled with Kroeger’s signature gruff voice, appealing to fans of diverse musical genres.

“How You Remind Me”

“How You Remind Me,” from Silver Side Up, obviously tops the list of Nickelback songs. This song’s post-grunge and alternative rock sound, fused with killer guitar riffs and Chad’s angsty vocals, narrates a relatable tale of a tumultuous relationship, making it an unforgettable hit.

Nickelback is, despite it all, still rocking on

From their mainstream breakthrough with “How You Remind Me” to their later works, our top 10 list of Nickelback songs journey showcases their musical evolution and versatility.

Each song in this list is a testament to their ability to blend genres, emotions, and themes, creating a diverse musical catalog that continues to resonate with fans worldwide. The band continues to enter the zeitgeist at times, be it a weird rumor that conservative Congressional firebrand Lauren Boebert was dating Kroeger, or getting invoked in a tweet from former President Donald Trump.

Whether it’s the pop-infused rock tunes or the deep, meaningful ballads, Nickelback has solidified its place in the rock music landscape, earning the band induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2023. 

Despite the controversies and varied opinions surrounding their music, the enduring appeal of their songs proves their undeniable impact on the music industry.

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