Customer says Baskin Robbins worker clocked her after she caught him in a lie

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‘I would’ve jumped over the counter’: Customer says Baskin Robbins worker clocked her after she caught him in a lie

'He ain’t have to call me out like that though.'


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Posted on Apr 5, 2024   Updated on Apr 5, 2024, 2:38 pm CDT

Some people just can’t take being wrong, and when they’re caught in a situation where all evidence glaringly displays that they are, they lash out.

One Baskin Robbins employee didn’t know what Sherbert was, so he decided to make fun of a woman’s hairline in response.

That’s what a TikToker who goes by Kold Kay (@kold_kay) said happened to her when she went into a location to purchase a Sherbert milkshake that she was “obsessed with” at the time. She relayed her story in a viral clip, saying she was reminded of it after seeing her hairline in the mirror.

Kay said she told one of the two employees working there that she wanted a Sherbert milkshake.

“He goes, ‘Oh, we don’t have Sherbert.’ And I’m like what?'” she said. “So I go look at all the ice creams and I see a big tub of sherbert. Then I’m like, ‘This is not Sherbert right there?'”

She said the employee responded that that was not Sherbert, but soon after the second employee asked her if she needed anything.

“I told him, ‘Yeah I want a Sherbert milkshake but he said y’all don’t have none,'” she recalled responding. However, the worker pointed at the tub she had previously looked at and claimed they did have Sherbert and he’d make it for her. According to Kay, the initial employee did not like that one bit.

“So y’all, I guess that p*ssed him off like he was mad he was wrong,” she said. “So I get up to the register and I don’t remember what I said but, this n*gga gonna say, ‘Where’d you get that lined up at?'”

She points to her forehead, indicating that the man was commenting on her hair edges. Her jaw drops before continuing her story, saying, “And I remember being so mad like, cause n*gga who, first of all, you’re a whole man and you’re trying to come for me? Cause you mad cause you is wrong?”

Kay admitted her lace did look like a line-up, but claimed she would fix it.

“But, it’s the fact that he even said that to me, trying to disrespect me as a woman,” she said. “And that whole time my boyfriend in the car and I’m like you over here playing with your life. I can really have him come in here and do something to you.:;

Kay said after she received her milkshake and was walking out the door, she said a parting word.

“Right before I left I said, ‘You a b*tch’ and I left,” she said. “I’m dead the only thing that just made me remember that story was me looking at my hair in the mirror like I need to do this wig ’cause it look a mess.”


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It turned out that other folks also had some questions about Kay’s hairline as well, like one TikToker who wrote, “I was looking at it the whole time.”

Another penned, “The fact I was staring at it the whole time wondering why your wig had a line up.”

Others said that they were just as shocked upon hearing the insult from the Baskin Robbins as Kay wa.

“The way my mouth dropped when you said that,” she said.

There were several, however, who said they thought he definitely got her good with the pointed and specific dig on her appearance.

“Oh he ate,” one wrote.

“He clocked you, i’m sorry,” someone else penned.

One person remarked that they would’ve been much too embarrassed to ever tell this story to a living soul, sharing, “The way I’d never tell anyone this.”

In a Reddit post uploaded to the site’s r/askfeminists forum, several users discussed the phenomena of men seemingly going out of their way to comment negatively on a woman’s appearance. The primary anecdote that set off this discussion took place in a classroom setting where a female student, who had recently colored her hair, was called upon by the professor to provide an answer to a query he had. When she could not answer, the educator quipped that he found it curious she had enough time to dye her hair, but not to study.

This sparked a conversation on how the value of a woman is largely predicated on her attractiveness and appearance. However, some users stated this ultimately puts a lot of women in a lose-lose situation: They have to toe the line of being overly attractive that it pigeonholes them into being “vapid and unintelligent”. On the other hand, if they aren’t putting enough effort into their looks, another user stated, they are called upon for embracing a “grandma” aesthetic or are trying to be matronly.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Baskin Robbins via email and Kay via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Apr 5, 2024, 7:00 pm CDT