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‘How does this affect my ability to make coffee?’: Former barista calls out manager for preferring job candidates who didn’t have tattoos or nose rings

'I don't trust baristas without piercings or tattoos.'


Phil West


Posted on Mar 31, 2023   Updated on Mar 31, 2023, 12:51 pm CDT

A barista shared on TikTok she quit her job after a manager expressed excitement that a prospective worker “didn’t even have any tattoos or nose rings.”

The video comes from creator Ellie (@ellieexists95), who put it on the platform Monday, attracting more than 541,000 views to date. In it, the TikToker stitches another creator who rails against tattoo- and nose-piercing bias, before it cuts to her talking about her experience. She noted in the comments that she recorded it before she quit her job but put up the video to explain her situation.

“So we just got bought out by a corporation,” she explained, noting that the dress code literature allowed tattoos as long as they’re not on the face or neck, but forbade nose rings. While she granted that her employer did let her keep her nose ring in, an offhand comment by her manager put her off.

@ellieexists95 #stitch with @casalmon i quit that job already, this is a draft #baristalife #baristatiktok #alttiktok #alternativetiktok #tattoos ♬ original sound – ellie ⚢

“The manager was talking and had interviewed some people and was like, ‘I interviewed this candidate and she didn’t even have any tattoos or nose rings,'” she conveyed, noting he said “I’m so excited” to punctuate the thought.

As she pointed out, “I’m a fucking barista.”

“You just interviewed the only barista without a tattoo or nose ring,” she cracked, before adding, “How does this affect my ability to make coffee?”

She summarized, “It is such bullshit.”

Many commenters swung by to agree.

“I don’t trust baristas without piercings or tattoos,” one observed.

Another said, “If my barista doesn’t have a septum [piercing], will my coffee even be good?”

Another, who admitted she works for “the coffee company with the mermaid,” noted that company policy allows for one face piercing, but not 10, leading her to question the difference between the two.

At least one commenter preferred the company of people with body modifications, noting, “I honestly rather be in spaces where people are tattooed and/or pierced.”

And another, shared the Boomer-esque observation, “No one wants to work anymore,” and provided an answer that perhaps the creator would endorse, saying, “We’re just not working for places that force you to give up individuality for a CEO who will never see us.”

Several commenters agreed, including one who stated, “Never going to change my appearance for a job again. They can suck it.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to the creator via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Mar 31, 2023, 10:05 am CDT