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‘I don’t feel comfortable installing wiper blades’: Auto shop offers free wiper blade installation. The worker won’t do it because he doesn’t get paid

‘I think he got the hint.’


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A self-described people pleaser got over her anxiety and insisted that the worker at her local auto shop help her install her wiper blades—a service advertised as free by the business. Many viewers relate.

“I was just an asshole. I am so proud of myself,” TikToker @2beach4surf says in the clip.

The woman explains that this is her first time owning a car, and she doesn’t know anything about windshield wiper blades besides the fact that she needs new ones. The wipers she has have stopped working on one side, posing a safety risk.

Her dad told her that if she buys them. from an auto shop, they’ll install them for her. While she’s put it off because of anxiety about not knowing much about the product she needs and having to ask for help, she finally worked up the nerve after her hiking trip.

“I did it because I’m so tired today after hiking. It’s like I thought I would be too tired to have anxiety,” the TikToker said.

At the auto shop @2beach4surf tried to go at it alone but eventually gave up and went to the attendant for help. He quickly figured out that they had compatible wiper blades in stock, but the issue came when she asked about him installing them.

“No. I don’t feel comfortable installing wiper blades, so we don’t do it,” he said initially.

The TikToker was bummed out by his response until she notices a “big f*cking sign” behind where the man had been standing that said “Free wiper blade installation.”

“I’d be such an a**shole to point that out,” the TikToker thought to herself. But she did it anyway despite her people-pleasing tendencies.

She specifically asked him if there were a reason he wouldn’t install the blades on her car—like her car having particularly tricky blades.

He again said he didn’t feel comfortable doing it and added that they don’t get paid to perform the service.

The TikToker knew that if she didn’t speak up in the moment, the interaction would bother her all day.

“That’s kinda an issue,” she replied.

He gave in and said he’d show her how to do it, but as he was showing her the woman just stood back and watched and gave no indication she’d be jumping into the process.

“I think he got the hint.”

The man fully installed them for her, and @2beach4surf said she felt “so proud” of herself for not letting it go since she would have been passive-aggressive and bitter about it afterward.

“I have my f*cking wiper, and it’s gonna f*cking wipe the water like it f*cking should. Like, all is right in my wiper world, and I’m very happy,” @2beach4surf said.

The video has over 56,000 views and over 900 comments.

Many commenters related to the feeling of having to ask a worker for help or, even more difficult, having to insist on help.


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“I needed new wiper blades but was too anxious to buy them. Thankfully, a tree fell on my car and totaled it so I never had to buy them,” the top comment read.

“You weren’t being an a-hole, you were being a customer expecting the service promised. good for you,” a person said.

“Good for you! As someone who also gets anxious with things like this, I know how much of a big deal this is. Proud of you!” another wrote.

“You go girl Baby steps who knows what you can do next. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you,” a commenter cheered.

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