Shopper calls out Aritizia changing rooms for having only one communal mirror

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‘Now I have your mans looking up and down at me’: Shopper calls out Aritzia changing rooms for having only one communal mirror

‘It just makes me feel self-conscious going out in front of everyone.’


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Clothing retailer Aritzia has come under criticism from one customer for its changing room experience — but is that person alone.

Posted by Andrea (@andreakyton) on June 22, the video has gained significant traction, accumulating over 505,800 views, and generated discussion in the comments section.

The creator claims there’s a lack of mirrors in Aritzia changing rooms, an issue that — judging from how commenters on the video reacted — has frustrated shoppers and sparked a desire for change.

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In the video, Andrea states, “If you know you know. I am in the Aritzia changing room and there’s absolutely no freaking mirrors in here.”

She continues, “The only way that you can check your outfit is to go into the communal mirror area.” Her frustration intensifies when she mentions the presence of individuals, particularly men, in the communal area.

“Not only now do I have to compare myself to all the 15-year-olds in Aritzia and the triple extra smalls, alright,” she testifies, “but now I have your mans looking up and down at me. Absolutely not!”

Commenters were right with her.

“Petition for Aritzia to just put mirrors IN the Change room,” one commenter wrote.

“I don’t understand why they haven’t just put mirrors in the change room; so many people have complained about it,” a second user added.

Another voiced, “And the changing rooms don’t even have proper doors,” while another shared, “It just makes me feel self-conscious going out in front of everyone.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Andrea via email for comment.

Update, June 26, 11:40 a.m. CT: An Aritzia spokesperson, responding to a Daily Dot request for comment, said, “Creating community for all our clients is a core component of Aritzia’s Everyday Luxury ethos. Our fitting room design is our commitment to creating a safe, engaging and welcoming experience to be shared by all. Our communal dressing room mirrors are designed to allow our clients to optimally view and decide on their preferred looks with the assistance of our style advisors.”

The statement continued, “We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of support, including personalized styling insight, in a welcoming environment that cultivates a sense of collaboration and creativity. As our clients are our priority, a private room with a mirror is available upon request. Our goal is and remains for every client to receive a high level of dedicated service during their visits.”

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