Worker says she applies to jobs based on her current needs, benefits


‘Y’all applying to jobs all wrong’: Worker says she applies to jobs solely based on her current needs, benefits

'I was going out to eat at the steakhouse every week, so I need that 50% discount.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on May 1, 2023

At a time when many are fruitlessly looking for work, TikTok user Z (@ztheeunicorn) has sparked discussion with her advice for job seekers. 

In a video with over 613,000 views, the TikToker says that when she applies to jobs, she looks not only at the pay but how it can benefit her otherwise.

For example, Z says she began working at “Chicago’s top luxury gym” over the winter because “I needed to get my summer body together.” Later, she worked at a high-end steakhouse, which allowed her to “[go] out to eat at a steakhouse every week.”

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At the time of recording her video, the TikToker says she is working for a company that installs things like closets and home offices.

“Why? Because my mom is currently getting her house remodeled and she needs 3 walk-in closets, a home office, and her laundry room redone,” she explains.

She also claims she’s planning to work part-time for American Airlines so she can receive flight benefits.

In the comments section, many users claimed they had done something similar in the past.

“I worked at Broadway in Chicago part-time to see Hamilton when it was new,” wrote one user. “It was amazing!”

“I’m doing the same,” shared another. “Work at a bakery so free food, and a dog daycare so my dog is exercised for free.”

“My mom works at Nordstrom because they have like a 50 discount on sales and like 35 regular items and she works at southwest so her and her kids fly,” offered a third.

“I work at a luxury salon and spa. 50% off hair, skin, nails, and massages!” exclaimed a further TikToker. “Everyone gets the discount even the lady who does laundry on Tuesday night.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Z via email.

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*First Published: May 1, 2023, 9:19 am CDT