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‘Waiter was not happy to see us’: Viewers divided over Applebee’s customers doing boneless wings challenge

‘What did y’all tip tho?’


Stacy Fernandez


In a viral video, a young man in North Carolina and his group of friends headed to Applebee’s to see who could eat the most unlimited boneless wings.

In the video, Miguel goes to Applebee’s and rolls in with a friend group of about a dozen people. The waiter, a young man himself, does not appear amused by the large party.

“Waiter was not happy to see us,” Miguel said.

The party was so large that they had to put multiple tables together side-by-side so that the customers could all sit together as they tackled the all-you-can-eat wing challenge. Once they’re seated, Miguel goes around the table to show his friends’ faces before the wing challenge, presuming that they’ll look different once they’re several wings down.

They seem to start off fine with the first plate of wings, but as they continue to eat more, they begin to crack.

“I’m not doing good,” one admits. Others shake their head in defeat.

Miguel checks in with his friends to see how many wings they ate to that point. The number varies and includes 15, 25, 22, and 20.

“We officially regret doing this the day before our first football game,” the text overlay at the end of the video read.

@mdia6109 Gonna regret this tmr #applebeeschallenge #boys #VozDosCriadores #screammovie #fyp #viral ♬ original sound – Miguel

Back in 2019, Applebee’s reportedly challenged guests back to beat the chain’s record of 181 wings eaten in a single sitting by a competitive eater. Whoever beat the record got bragging rights plus a year of free Applebee’s in Texas, FSR Magazine reported.

However, a press release from 2022 includes no mention of said challenge or a prize. Instead, it boasts that the All You Can Eat Boneless Wings promotion is a “fan-favorite” starting at just $12.99. The promotion includes a choice from six sauces—classic buffalo sauce, honey BBQ, sweet Asian chili, garlic parmesan, extra hot buffalo, or honey pepper—and unlimited fries.

The video is nearing 800,000 views and has hundreds of comments.

Commenters shared some of their own experiences and wanted to make sure the customers treated the worker properly.

“My sister coach and friends got kicked out of an ihop cause they ate to many unlimited pancakes,” a top comment read.

“My friends did that and we had football practice the next morning and we all puked after our lift,” a person said.

“I tried last night but they ran out,” another wrote.

“What did y’all tip tho?” another commenter asked.

While the TikToker didn’t answer, others jumped to conclusions regarding how much the customers tipped.

“$ 3 tip coming,” one quipped.

Another assumed the customers not only didn’t tip but also asked for the bill to be split eight ways (many food service industry workers have created videos complaining about having to split the bill).

The Daily Dot reached out to Miguel via TikTok comment and to Applebee’s via email.

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