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‘This is THE GREATEST LIFE HACK THIS APP HAS EVER SHOWN ME’: AMC customers share popcorn butter hack

'As someone who works in a theater, I approve.'


Eric Webb


Posted on Sep 15, 2023

Pack it up. Go home, everyone. The most creative life hack ever posted to TikTok just dropped.

It comes courtesy of creator Britt (@satanic_yeti), who shared an innovation that promises to make your AMC Theatres popcorn experience more satisfying. 

The video has 2.4 million views and almost 369,000 likes.

@satanic_yeti Movie theater life hack . #lifehacks #movies #lifehackvideo #fyp #foryou #popcorn #thenun2 #thenun #movietheater #hacksoflife #viral ♬ original sound – Britt

Britt captioned the viral video, “Movie theater life hack.” The camera shows them holding a small spray bottle—the kind you might find used for body spray or lens cleaning solution. Britt takes the cap off and fills the bottle with artificial butter flavoring at the concession stand.

Then, the creator sprays a fine mist of flavor over their large popcorn. Equally distributed. Equipped for top-offs. Genius.

“Keep that thing on you,” the person filming the video says as the creator slips the spray bottle into their pocket.

People in the comments were ready to award Britt a MacArthur “genius grant.”

One person commented, “I never thought to do this, i be sitting at the butter station for a good while drenching my popcorn.” Britt replied, “And then the bottom has no butter. This is so much easier I just reapply whenever I need to.”

A viewer offered, “I just ask [concessions] for an empty water cup, then i fill it with butter and drizzle it when i need.” Britt replied, “I used to do this but I’d spill the whole thing in the popcorn because it’s too hard to see in the theater.”

Several viewers brought up another movie theater popcorn hack: piping the butter flavoring through a straw to reach the bottom of the bucket. “I’ve tried that before but then when I got to the bottom I had popcorn that was soggy from butter that filled too much in some spots,” Britt replied to one viewer.

Another comment read, “Honestly as someone who works in a theater, i approve.”

A viewer chimed in, “This is so extra but im actually gonna do this now.”

One person wrote, “You deserve a Nobel for this.”

“I’m so stressed that that’s going to spill and stain your pocket,” one commenter wrote. Britt replied, “Close.. I put it upside down in the cup holder by accident and it leaked everywhere.”

“I want to be VERY clear here. This is THE GREATEST LIFE HACK THIS APP HAS EVER SHOWN ME. Thank you, I am forever in your debt,” another person commented.

“My theatre doesn’t give us access to the butter, now i see why,” someone wrote.

“As someone who was a manager at an AMC, I applaud you,” another comment read.

“This is my favorite bath and body works scent,” a viewer joked.

And one person looking to optimize Britt’s invention commented, “This but use one of those Home Depot industrial spray cleaning bottles.”

In a TikTok direct message, Britt told the Daily Dot about the origin of the popcorn butter trick: “my grandma came up with the idea when I was a kid [and] she used to buy spray butter at the grocery store for popcorn at home.”

Britt said they’ve had seven videos go viral before, so they weren’t surprised the video blew up.

The Daily Dot reached out to AMC Theatres via email.

Earlier in the year, another TikTok creator posted a video about taking some butter flavoring in a water cup to enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

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*First Published: Sep 15, 2023, 9:35 am CDT