Amazon worker begs customers to stop ordering chairs

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‘Why do every house on the block need a rolly chair?’: Amazon worker begs customers to stop ordering chairs

'So y'all can sit comfortably while you order all day?'


Stacy Fernandez


Posted on Dec 4, 2023

An Amazon worker was feeling a bit salty about having to deliver several heavy swivel chairs she predicted people bought through one of the ‘buy now, pay later’ companies.

It’s not so much the inconvenient delivery that bothers her, but the fact that she’s also applied to use these companies but keeps getting denied.

In the video, Jennifer Monique is seen filming from inside her delivery truck wearing an Amazon work coat.

“Klarna. Afterpay. Shop Now, Pay Later. Count your motherfucking days, ‘cuz y’all the reason I got to deliver all of this shit,” she says in the clip. “And I’m never approved. I’m never approved for Klarna or Afterpay but I got to deliver all the rest of these people shit.”

Jennifer was also confused about why there was an influx of rolling chair orders, like those used in a salon or an office. She adds that these chairs are now on her list of things she wishes people wouldn’t order (or would at least order less online).

“Why do everybody, every house on the block need a rolling chair? So y’all can sit comfortably while y’all order all day?” Jennifer asks.

This isn’t the first time Jennifer or other delivery workers have complained about having to deliver heavy items. Jennifer previously called out people who order huge, heavy bags of pet food. But customers say they appreciate the convenience of having these items delivered to them either out of convenience or because they physically couldn’t get the items otherwise.

This sudden rise in rolling chair orders is likely linked to the Black Friday and CyberWeek deals that have been presented for at least the last week. People may have seen a chair that they need for their home at a convenient price and decided to finally commit to the purchase.

While many people took advantage of Black Friday deals, the data suggests that the public was more focused on smaller ticket items this year versus big purchases like a TV. And there was a 17% increase in the number of people who used buy-now-pay-later services to pay for their purchases, Investopedia reported.

It’s also possible that there is more demand for this chair style as many people continue to get work-from-home jobs that require an at-home office setup.

Jennifer’s video has garnered thousands of views and hundreds of comments as of Monday morning.

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Several people in the comment section gave some insight as to why they bought one of the rolling chairs Jennifer was referring to.

“I just ordered that chair for me kids computer,” a person said.

“Ouuuu friend I got a rolly chair in my Amazon cart for my makeup room sorry,” another wrote.

“Lol no we work from home,” a commenter clarified.

“Everybody gaming/ streaming,” another added.

Others showed off their Afterpay and Klarna spending limits.

“Not me with my Afterpay limit $2,000 and my Klarna $1,800,” a top comment read.

“That just remind me my afterpay limit $3,000. *adds to Nike cart*” a viewer said.

The Daily Dot reached out to Jennifer via TikTok direct message.

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*First Published: Dec 4, 2023, 7:53 am CST