Amazon truck footage of worker delivering package (l) Amazon employee with part of pinky gone (c) Amazon truck footage of dog running after worker (r)

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‘I’d never work another day in my life’: Amazon delivery driver gets attacked by customer’s dog. He lost part of his pinky

'The way I would have sued everybody in that house.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jun 23, 2023

A user’s clip on TikTok went viral after he claimed he lost part of his pinky when a dog attacked him on the job as an Amazon delivery driver.

In a video with over 3 million views as of Friday, TikTok user Rjay (@og_rjay) shows the incident in which he says the injury was sustained.

As he explains in a later video, he had left his car to make a delivery when he saw a dog loose in the driveway. Backing away, another dog began chasing after him.

@og_rjay That one time i worked st amazon! #funny #foryoupage #dog #pinky #fyp ♬ Oh No

As this dog began jumping on him and attacking him, Rjay says he began to swat at the dog, per a second video on the topic. Eventually, Rjay says he was able to find safety—at which point he noticed that he was covered in blood.

This confused Rjay, as he claims he could not feel himself hit the dog nor could he remember feeling the dog bite him.

“I’m looking down at my vest, and my vest is covered in blood. I mean, paint splatter blood,” he says. “I finally catch my breath…I look at my hand, and my pinky is squirting blood. Wide open—I can see the bone, white meat, all that stuff.”

Eventually, the owner of the dogs came out and began apologizing, offering him a towel and an ice pack. 

Rjay explains that according to the owner of the dogs, the dogs were inadvertently released after her daughter left a door in the garage open. Rjay says he then drove himself to the hospital to take care of the injury.

He claims that, although he cannot disclose the dollar amount or the parties involved, he was able to receive payment following the incident.

Dog attacks are a common issue for Amazon drivers. An October 2022 article in CNET by Laura Hautala documented multiple cases in which drivers were attacked by dogs. Some drivers referenced in the piece even claim to have begun carrying tools to fend off dog attacks, such as pepper spray—the article notes that this is against Amazon policies.

In the comments under Rjay’s video, many users expressed their hope that Rjay received a hefty compensation from this incident.

“The way I would have sued everybody in that house,” a user wrote.

“That’s how you get rich rich,” another added.

“Please tell me your recording this inside the new house they got you,” joked a third.

Above all, users noted their relief that Rjay made it out of the situation with relatively minor injuries.

“I was expecting like someone to hop in the vehicle. Was not expecting a dog to dismember you,” a commenter said. “Thank goodness you’re okey.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Amazon via email and Rjay via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 23, 2023, 1:00 pm CDT