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‘Y’all about to kill us’: Worker’s video complaining about Amazon Prime Day sparks debate

‘I was considerate of y’all and didn’t order.’


Braden Bjella


Amazon’s Prime Day is a hotly debated topic. While many rejoice in the deals found throughout the site, others point to Amazon’s labor rights record and resistance toward unionization as reasons to not support the day. 

This week, an effort to discourage people from ordering on Prime Day went viral, receiving over 30,000 upvotes on Reddit. 

“I’m a Tier 3 amazon associate and I’m asking you all to help me spread the word on ‘Don’t buy during prime week,’” the post read. “Don’t force us employees to be stuck at work from 5 am till 6 pm away from our families.”

Reporting on this post for Newsweek, author Soo Kim spoke with Jason Anthony, the lead organizer for the Amazon Labor Union. Anthony echoed claims made by the original post but clarified that Amazon operates differently from state to state.

“Anthony said the ALU believes workers ‘should go on strike’ because the working conditions inside Amazon’s warehouses are ‘not ideal,’ especially during the summer when it is ‘80 or 90 degrees [Fahrenheit] outside’ and ‘being inside it [feels] much worse,’” the article states.

Anthony later added, “These workers are required to be hydrated all the time due to physical movement throughout the day and [at] some point they will need to go to the bathroom and there’s no air conditioning in [any] of the facilities.”

Regardless of the movement against Prime Day, many Amazon workers still poured into work. Some were less than thrilled to be there, documenting their Prime Day experience to viral success on TikTok.

User Nyah was one such person. In a video with over 254,000 views, she films herself walking into the location with her hand over her mouth while playing the sounds of crying.

“Y”all about to kill us,” she wrote in the caption.

@er.nyah Y”all about to kill us 😭#PrimeDayDreamDeals #amazonprimeday2022 #amazon #amazonprimeday ♬ original sound – Angelo Henderson

In the comments section, some users made jokes about Nyah’s situation.

“Aw. I feel bad,” a commenter wrote. “But please pack my Kindle with love and care, thanks.”

“I was just saying how Amazon employees must hate these two days… anyway where’s my order at?” another asked.

However, some said they were joining in with the protest.

“I was considerate of y’all and didn’t order,” a user shared.

“Tell me why I was gonna order some and was like nvm I know them workers and drivers tired lol,” another said. In response to this, Nyah wrote, “I appreciate you a lot.”

Nyah later posted a video showing her exhaustion post-Prime Day.

“I just got home, and I want everyone to count their days,” she says. “I want all y’all to count your days.”

@er.nyah Replying to @bunny89de The way I dropped my body on this couch #amazonprimeday2022 ♬ original sound – 👑Nyah 👑

The Daily Dot reached out to Nyah via TikTok comment.

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