23-year-old says he bought a house on Amazon, has nowhere to put it

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‘Getting your house shipped to your apartment is crazy’: 23-year-old says he bought a house on Amazon, has nowhere to put it

'Imagine having to return your house.'


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Posted on Jan 26, 2024   Updated on Jan 28, 2024, 8:02 am CST

A user on TikTok has gone viral after claiming that he purchased a house on Amazon.

In a video with over 3.7 million views as of Friday, TikTok user Jeff (@hittaa_jeff) seems baffled by his own alleged purchase, at one point claiming that he “[doesn’t] even know where I’m going to put the house.”

“After today y’all, y’all can take my card. I don’t need it,” he starts. “I’m 23 years old. I just bought a house off Amazon.”

Jeff goes on to claim that the house was originally $24,000, though after taxes, the price amounted to $26,280. Jeff describes this price as “not bad.”

Even though he appears unsure of what he’s going to do with the house, he says he made the purchase confidently.

“I didn’t even think twice about it,” he declares. “I just did it.”

Jeff has previously sparked discussion after claiming he was fired over his participation in a Secret Santa exchange.

The validity of the TikToker’s story regarding the house purchase is unclear. While he provides screenshots that appear legitimate, it is possible that they have been digitally manipulated, or that he placed the order with the intention of canceling after taking the screenshot.

Still, it is possible to buy prefab buildings on Amazon. The house shown in the video appears to be this one currently available on Amazon. The size is 16.5x20ft, although the description notes that it is not a house, but an “ideal solution for temporary inventory storage needs.”

“Suitable for onsite offices, warehouses, or temporary storage in extreme weather conditions,” the description says.

In this way, it appears similar to the Home Depot “house” that went viral on TikTok last year, which was actually a shed that was not recommended to be used for human habitation.

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In the comments section of his video, users remarked upon Jeff’s strange purchase.

“Getting your house shipped to your apartment is crazy,” a user said.

“What about land, electric and plumbing?” asked another. “Pookie you better turn this into a series.”

“Bestie… this was not supposed to be an impulse buy,” shared a third. “What are you gonna do? I’m stressed.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jeff via Instagram direct message.

Update 8am CT, Jan. 28, 2024: In an Instagram direct message exchange with the Daily Dot, Jeff said he was inspired to purchase the home from Amazon after seeing a video on the subject.

“Honestly I seen an unboxing video of it,” he explained. “I seen what it could do — I was amazed.”

While he says he doesn’t know where he’s going to place the home yet, he noted that he already has plans for it.

“[I’m] gonna wait until I get it to see how big it is so I can determine the land [needed] or [if] where I have extra space already [is] fine,” he shared. Once he does that, he says he will “build it up and turn it into an Airbnb.”

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*First Published: Jan 26, 2024, 9:00 am CST