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The alien mummies in Mexico may not be real but the memes are hilarious

With their peculiar appearance, the supposed alien mummies turned into instant internet gold.


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Posted on Jan 2, 2024   Updated on Jan 23, 2024, 10:01 pm CST

In September 2023, the New York Times reported on some unusual testimony presented to Mexico’s Congress. U.F.O. researcher Jaime Maussan presented what he claimed were two mummified bodies of extraterrestrial beings that were found in Peru in 2017. Maussan’s alien mummies shocked people around the globe and provoked a fair amount of skepticism. They also resulted in the creation of some fantastic memes.

Maussan’s claims and skepticism from experts

Despite his assertions, Maussan’s claims were difficult to verify. Known for promoting pseudoscientific theories on television, and selling his own line of health supplements, Maussan has routinely been criticized for such outlandish claims.

Following Maussan’s appearance in front of Mexico’s Congress, researchers distanced themselves from his conclusions, and called the showcase, “shameful.” Ex-US Navy fighter pilot Ryan Graves, who has spoken about his own encounters with unidentified flying objects, referred to the presentation of the alien mummies an “unsubstantiated stunt.”

@yahoonews Two alleged “non-human” alien corpses were brought before the Mexican Congress, where self-proclaimed ufologist Jaime Maussan testified that over 30% of their DNA remained “unknown.” Maussan is associated with other claims of “alien” discoveries which were debunked, including five mummies found in Peru in 2017 that were later identified to be human children. #aliens #mexico #jaimemaussan #science #cusco #peru #news #yahoonews ♬ For sad news such as corona disease etc. Synths and strings.(995513) – Tomotan Pong

The internet responds with memes

With their peculiar appearance, the supposed alien mummies turned into instant internet gold. Memes about them narrowed in on their appearance, and others joked about a new “Joe Rogan Diet.”

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The truth behind the mummies

A deeper investigation into the mummified alien bodies suggested that were not the remnants of extraterrestrials, but Nazca mummies, per a Wired report. Named “tridactyl Nazca humanoid mummies,” these artifacts had been presented as major archaeological finds in the past, but their authenticity had since been discredited by global experts.

Major organizations, like the World Committee on Mummy Studies, denounced the presentation of these supposed mummies at Mexico’s Congress, calling them elaborate hoaxes. The consensus among experts was that some of these alien mummies were actually modified pre-Hispanic human bodies, while other smaller specimens were assemblies of animal and human bones. Forensic archaeologist Flavio Estrada described the alleged alien remains as a mix of animal and human bones held together with synthetic glue and masked under fake skin.

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Polarized public reception

The display at Mexico’s Congress divided observers. The absence of actual scientists at the hearing, along with relevant officials, like the Peruvian ambassador, was heavily criticized. Many also viewed Maussan’s sensational presentation of the mummies as a political and personal gimmick, rather than a genuine interest in alien life and UFOs.

In the end, the event became more of a spectacle than an educational exercise, and it drew ire from researchers and academics.

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The larger discussion on extraterrestrial life

Although the aliens presented in front of Mexico’s Congress turned out to be a hoax, credible institutions, such as the National Autonomous University of Mexico’s Institute of Astronomy, underscore the importance of rigorous scientific methodologies when it comes to possible discoveries of extraterrestrial life. The institution continues to insist on the critical role of scientists in the quest for alien lifeforms and the necessity for diligent exploration.

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Despite the hilarious memes and divided public sentiment, Maussan’s presentation showed the importance of meticulous investigation and skepticism in our pursuit of the unknown. The boundary between scientific curiosity and blatant commercialism remains, as always, fragile and easily breached.

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*First Published: Jan 2, 2024, 6:00 am CST