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People think Biden’s UFO speech had coded references to aliens

Biden said the objects were 'most likely' private, but users on Twitter had other suspicions


Jacob Seitz


Posted on Feb 16, 2023

President Joe Biden addressed the nation today, finally publicly speaking about the various unidentified flying objects that have been shot down over Alaska, Canada, and Michigan in recent weeks.

People online were pissed about one thing: That he didn’t admit the U.S. government found aliens.

Biden said that more objects were identified as of late because of increased scrutiny over U.S. airspace after a Chinese surveillance balloon was spotted over Montana last week and eventually shot down over the Atlantic.

He confirmed the three additional UFOs that were shot down and said they were “most likely” private, not more Chinese spy balloons.

Users on Twitter were quick to speculate (and hope) that the UFOs were of another planet—or galaxy—and criticized Biden for not admitting to that.

“Why does Biden refuse to acknowledge the ufos are Alien?” another asked in a poll.

“We’re really getting aliens in 2023? Notice how Biden won’t call them balloons and keeps saying unidentified objects,” another said.

Biden said the additional objects were not foreign surveillance devices and that the U.S. acted “in consultation” with the Canadian government to shoot down the objects.

He also said the two militaries were in the process of recovering the debris to learn more about what the objects were, and that intelligence agencies were still assessing all three incidents.

But internet users took Biden’s lack of specificity as confirmation that the objects were not of this world.

“‘Unidentified aerial objects’ President Biden is asking NASA to help monitor these objects. Not saying it’s aliens, but it’s ALIENS,” one user said.

One user even claimed that the UFOs were laboratories to experiment on humans.

“Lying Biden is not telling you the truth about the aliens coming to get people like bucky who they experimented on it is not a balloon it is a mobile laboratory THEY are scouting in preparing for what Lutherans call judgment day,” they said.

Biden said there was no evidence that there has been a sudden increase in objects in the sky, just that now the U.S. is actively looking for them—regardless of where they come from.

He stressed that a number of private companies operate devices like these in that atmosphere and that was most likely the case here.

But people still want to believe.

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*First Published: Feb 16, 2023, 2:39 pm CST