Airbnb guest says monkeys broke into his rental because he left bananas out

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‘Sometimes they open the refrigerator’: Airbnb guest says monkeys broke into his rental because he left bananas out

‘The big monkey can open.’


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Monkeys are known for being a bit mischievous. Back in 2016, a monkey in Brazil reportedly went into a bar, drank some rum, and then began threatening people with a knife. Last month, a monkey found its way into a lawyer’s office in Uttar Pradesh, India—where it promptly began looking over files and appearing to work.

Now, another monkey story has sparked discussion after being shared by TikTok user Brian (@brianluebben).

According to Brian in a video with over 328,000 views, he was going about his day when he got a message from his Airbnb host. 

“I am getting inside the house because you leave some windows open, and the monkeys make a big noise in your house,” the host says via voice message.

According to the host, some monkeys have figured out how to use the home’s doors and windows.

“The big monkey can open,” the host explained. The host goes on to say that when monkeys break into rentals, they’re often in search of bananas.

“When you have bananas, no problem,” he detailed. “When you don’t have bananas, sometimes they open the refrigerator, so they get just some bananas.”

Commenters claim this incident happened in Lagoa da Conceição, Florianópolis, Brazil, and that this sort of event is not especially common.

However, monkeys can be an issue for tourists visiting a variety of countries. That’s why some nations have implemented strategies to try to mitigate the impact of monkeys on tourism.

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For example, some national sites in India have signs warning visitors about how to handle monkeys. Additionally, prior to the country’s recent hosting of the G20 summit, the Indian government hired professional monkey impersonators to mimic the calls of certain monkeys in an attempt to scare them away from prominent displays.

Back on TikTok, users shared their thoughts on Brian’s simian experience.

“If you keep your bananas in the fridge, you deserve to be raided by monkeys,” joked a user.

“My advice is, close the windows and don’t get the bananas,” stated another. “They will always comeback for more and bring friends.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Brian via email.

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