Airbnb host tells guests to 'break in' mattress after they complained

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‘It would be more comfortable to sleep on the gravel driveway’: Airbnb host tells guests to ‘break in’ mattress after they complained

'It was an actual nightmare for our neck and back.'


Brooke Sjoberg


Posted on Sep 29, 2023

Regardless of what kind of accommodations travelers choose when away from home, not everything can be perfect. Whether it’s low water pressure in a hotel room or a list of chores to complete at an Airbnb, there is a high chance visitors will have something less than desirable to contend with.

One couple who stayed in an Airbnb and complained to their host that the mattress provided in their room was uncomfortable turned the host’s response into a joke. Posted to TikTok, a video showing a man “breaking in” a mattress by hitting it has drawn over 3.2 million views as of Friday.

The video was shared by wellness content creator Maura Wright (@thewrightwellness) who captioned the video with some additional details about how uncomfortable the bed was, and that she would be choosing luxury hotels exclusively from then on.

“The Airbnb owner told us to ‘break it in’ when we told them it would be more comfortable to sleep on the gravel driveway without a blanket than this mattress,” a text overlay on the video reads.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Wright via Instagram direct message regarding the video.

@thewrightwellness I was UGLY laughing but it was an actual nightmare for our neck and back lol LUXURY HOTELS ONLY #fyp #foryou #airbnb #airbnbexperience ♬ original sound – Maura Wright

Some viewers were divided about the firmness of a mattress, and whether or not the mattress shown in the video was a reasonable level of firm.

“For everyone saying a firm mattress, I feel like this isn’t ‘firm’ it’s like a rock!,” one commenter wrote. “I like firm, but this has no give!”

“Ngl that mattress looks so comfy lol but I like super firm mattress I think sleeping on the floor is comfy,” another user said.

“I love a firm mattress but idk about this one,” one viewer echoed.

Others noted that there were definitely things Airbnb owners are able to “cheap out” on, but that mattresses should not be one of those things.

“I’m okay with air bnbs going cheap routes on a lot of things- a matress is not one of them,” one commenter wrote.

“And this is why I tell my customers to not cheap out on mattresses when buying for their rental properties,” another agreed.

“Nah fr if they’re gonna be charging 100+ a night and then basically doubling that with cleaning fees I wanna sleep on a damn cloud,” a commenter wrote.

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*First Published: Sep 29, 2023, 10:49 am CDT