99 Cents store worker says this is why items may ring up more expensive at the register

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‘It’s robbery’: 99 Cents store worker says this is why items may ring up more expensive at the register

'Gas stations do the same exact thing!'


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Posted on Jan 26, 2024   Updated on Jan 26, 2024, 11:20 am CST

A 99 Cents Only Store employee issued a public service announcement about why items may ring up higher than expected at the register.

The video features TikToker @imtheirmom_3_2.0, who stood in the 99 Cents Only Store, wearing her magenta employee apron. Then, she explained a common price misconception using a box of Little Debbie Oatmeal Cream Pies as an example. “OK, so say you buy these, and they’re $2.49, right?” the content creator said. She then pointed to the pink price sticker and drew attention to a smaller “99” in the upper left corner next to the larger “$2.49” price. The TikToker said when a customer rings up their item and notices it’s a cent more, that’s because $2.49 wasn’t the actual price. “That rings up as $2.50 because it’s $2.49-99, and so it rounds off to $2.50,” @imtheirmom_3_2.0 said.

Afterward, the employee revealed more examples. The first was a case of Red Bull. The price tag was $6.99 with the extra 99. Next was a case of Natural Light beer. She showed the “$8.99” along with the other “99.” This begs the question: Why does the 99 Cents Only Store do this? “Because the 99 Cent Store actually got sued for not having the 99 and rounding off,” the TikToker said. Finally, @imtheirmom_3_2.0 wrapped up the video by unveiling her last example: bottles of Stella Rose wine. “It’s 5.99-99, rounding off to $6,” she concluded.

The video accumulated over 3,000 views, and viewers appreciated the explanation.

“Thank u I was so confused when I went shopping,” one viewer applauded.

“This was very informative thank you,” a second thanked.

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However, others were outraged by the pricing method.

“You are still stealing one cent!!” one viewer wrote.

“That’s the grimmest business plan. Who is the owner of this crappy store,” a second criticized.

“It’s robbery.. imagine all the pennies they’re ’rounding off’ it’s a scam,” a third remarked.

Indeed, @imtheirmom_3_2.0 is correct about there being a lawsuit. In 2008, the company changed its price from 99 cents to 99.99 cents due to inflation. This caused outrage among customers. Two years later, the company received multiple lawsuits, where customers called the price increase “deceptive” and “misleading.” However, according to the American Bar Association Journal, 99 Cents Only Stores chief executive Eric Schiffer claimed the company “took every possible effort and avenue to basically bombard the consumer about our increase” by changing signage, putting up large posters in store windows, and taking out newspaper ads.

In an email to the Daily Dot, a 99 Cents Only Stores representative shared, “We offer customers quality products at the best value. Like other retailers, the 99 made limited, incremental adjustments to keep pace with rising business costs. For more on our pricing policy and our lowest price guarantee, visit 99only.com.”

The Daily Dot reached out to imtheirmom_3_2.0 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jan 26, 2024, 12:00 pm CST